Rapid City Tourism

22 hours ago

In The Moment … May 4, 2020 Show 809 Hour 1

Given the pandemic we are currently experiencing, how are we to celebrate National Travel And Tourism week? Perhaps it’s virtually or by social media? Julie Jensen is president of Visit Rapid City and she joins us to spotlight resilience and hope as we face coronavirus.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... February 11, 2019 Show 513 Hour 1

Moving across country for someone else's career opportunity can challenge any relationship. Now a program seeks to make that transition a bit easier by helping spouses and partners find work in South Dakota.

Jonathan Goehring, lead executive recruiter for Sanford Health, joins In The Moment to explain.

Hitting The Ground Running

Jan 9, 2019
Steve Munsen

In The Moment ... January 9, 2019 Show 491 Hour 1

Throughout her campaign, inauguration and in her first In The Moment interview as governor, Kristi Noem has talked about "hitting the ground running."

She discusses her transition to the governor's office, issues facing South Dakota and several of her ideas that she'd like to see come to fruition as the state's new leader. 

Ability For Hire / SD Department of Human Services

A state agency is launching a campaign aimed at connecting people with disabilities to employers. It’s called Ability for Hire, and leaders say it can benefit both workers and businesses.

Department of Human Services Secretary Gloria Pearson says the new Ability for Hire campaign is part of ongoing work to support South Dakotans with disabilities.

Pearson says people with disabilities are an untapped resource for businesses looking to hire quality employees – especially in an environment with low unemployment.

Capital One

Hundreds of people are losing their jobs as a Sioux Falls financial call center closes. A spokesperson for Capital One says the company is shifting strategies and moving work from Sioux Falls to other places. It’s supposed to happen by the end of the year. A layoff of 750 workers is significant, but the situation offers those employees some opportunities.

Thursday Capital One leaders alerted workers that their business in Sioux Falls is shutting down. Employees are not out of a job right away. They can work for a few months before Capital One’s operations end.

Slower Growth Ahead

Jun 1, 2015
Creighton University

"Slower Growth Ahead for Mid-America Region: Job Losses for May" is the business index headline for the latest survey of Ernie Goss, Creighton University MacAllister Chair in Economics.  Goss joined guest host Cara Hetland on Monday's Dakota Midday and said the news isn't all bad.

The City of Sioux Falls is unveiling a new campaign to attract workers to job openings. It’s complete with a website to collect all local career opportunities – from business to non-profits to city government. The website is the center of a workforce recruitment effort.

"Our economy in Sioux Falls and in this region is about as red hot as it gets," Smith says. 

Tech Industry Veteran Victoria Darling

Jan 16, 2015

Kent Osborne and "The Computer Guys" (Amos Aesophe, Joel Broveleit and Jeff Litterick) welcomed Victoria Darling to Tech Radio. Darling has been in the technology industry for more than 20 years, including a recent stint managing six buildings and staffing needs for Electronic Arts (EA) as they ramped up from 100 employees to over 1000 in about four years. After two and a half decades of writing resumes on the side for friends and clients of nonprofit agencies, she took her love of writing and technology and ventured out on her own to write resumes and Linkedin profiles full time.

BH Logging Contractors Settle Undocumented Worker Case

Nov 24, 2014

A federal court case in the Black Hills on harboring illegal aliens and submitting false claims to officials is unchanged despite President Obama’s recent actions allowing about 5-million people to stay in the United States legally.
The case that involves a settlement of more than $450-thousand in civil penalties.

Check out Dakota Roots!

Oct 16, 2014

Dakota Roots joins citizens, business leaders, and state government in a successful, on-going initiative to grow the South Dakota workforce.

Employment Works Task Force Report

Feb 13, 2014

Governor Dennis Daugaard's Employment Works Task Force has completed its final report for employing South Dakotans with disabilities.  Daugaard announced his Employment Works Initiative in the spring of 2013, and a task force was created last July to help guide his efforts.  The report has five prevailing recommendations which were discussed by Gloria Pearson, Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Human Services.

Work-share Program Fails in Committee

Feb 12, 2014

Legislation that sought to aid employees and employers during tough economic times failed in the House Commerce and Energy committee Wednesday morning.  House Bill 1226 creates a work-share program, where employees who had their hours reduced from full time could receive compensation up to that full amount.

Advertising Rapid City

Mar 12, 2013

A delegation of nearly 20 Rapid City business and civic leaders returned from Houston last week after with hopes of luring oil-related business to Rapid City and to promote the Black Hills as a vacation destination for Texans who will have direct flights to the region this summer.

Dems Say Lawmakers Are Considering Workers' Wellbeing

Feb 23, 2013
Victoria Wicks

At the state legislature this session, bipartisan discussions about economic development have become more focused on the good of the workers, according to Bernie Hunhoff, Democratic leader in the House of Representatives. Hunhoff made his remarks at a weekly legislative news conference Friday.
He says legislators met after a social event Thursday evening and discussed ways of improving conditions for individual workers while also building the state’s economy.

Winning Over Freshmen

Dec 18, 2012

A new study shows that South Dakota continues to import more college freshmen than it sends to colleges in other states and is, in fact, gaining ground on this exchange.  "It's all about pursuing strategies to keep South Dakota students here for higher education, retain them through their college careers, and then employ them within the state in highly-skilled positions," said Jack Warner, Executive Director and CEO of the South Dakota Board of Regents.  Warner appeared on Dakota Midday Tuesday.