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In The Moment

In the Moment is SDPB’s daily radio news and culture program.

We bring you world-class radio storytelling featuring the highest journalistic integrity. We tell true stories of our state and true stories of people who are doing something or creating something for a reason. We tell these stories with intelligence, fairness, compassion and imagination. We bring our listeners into the conversations and keep them In the Moment.

Latest Episodes
  • In the Moment is live from the State Arts Conference in Rapid City. It's a celebration and a call to action. We'll talk with industry leaders about the influence of artists, from the well-known to the everyman. And we'll ask: What do artists need from us, what do we need from them, to build healthy creative communities across our region?
  • The founders of this nation grappled with the First Amendment. Should the private affairs of public men be shielded from scrutiny? We talk with author and legal scholar Amy Gajda about her book "Seek and Hide: The Tangled History of the Right to Privacy." Plus the 2022 Bush Fellows from South Dakota!
  • A new SDSU poll takes the temperature of voters ahead of the June 7th primary. Dakota Political Junkies Dave Wiltse and Lisa Hager also check in with how politics prepares for the Dobbs decision. Dr. Shankar Kurra is with us for a South Dakota COVID update. Plus, we preview the state arts conference as In the Moment prepares to hit the road for Rapid City.
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