Black Hills Mining Museum

Lead's Historic Homestake Opera House Turns 100

Aug 28, 2014
Amy Varland


The Historic Homestake Opera House in Lead is celebrating it’s centennial birthday this weekend. The Opera House opened it’s doors one hundred years ago this weekend in 1914 – it was designed as an artistic venue and recreation facility for miners and their families.

Historic Homestake Opera House Executive Director Sarah Carlson says a fire gutted the theater back in 1984, but prior to that it was a cultural and entertainment hub for the Black Hills region for decades.

Official State Mining Museum Prospect Up

Feb 27, 2014

South Dakota will have an official mining museum in Lead if a bill making its way through the state legislature continues to sail forward.
House Bill 1192 cleared the State Senate Local Government Committee on Wednesday.  
Tom Nelson from Spearfish is a former state lawmaker and past chairman of the Black Hills Mining Museum.  He spoke in favor of an official state designation for the 27 year old facility.

The State House of Representatives passed House Bill 1192 on Wednesday. The bill recognizes the Mining Museum in Lead, as the official mining museum in the state of South Dakota. Republican State Representative Timothy Johns says this makes sense because of the mining culture in the Black Hills region.

The Black Hills Mining Museum in Lead is expanding it’s current display. Museum officials say visitors can expect to see new items like the Homestake Mine’s employment records from it’s very first day of operation back in the 1870’s.

The gold rush of the late 1800’s brought people from all over the world to the Northern Hills of South Dakota. The Black Hills Mining Museum in Lead has artifacts that date back to the gold rush’s very beginnings.