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Official State Mining Museum Prospect Up

South Dakota will have an official mining museum in Lead if a bill making its way through the state legislature continues to sail forward.
House Bill 1192 cleared the State Senate Local Government Committee on Wednesday.  
Tom Nelson from Spearfish is a former state lawmaker and past chairman of the Black Hills Mining Museum.  He spoke in favor of an official state designation for the 27 year old facility.

“The museum goes forward it has defined it’s task as to preserve the state’s rich mining heritage and to tell the stories of the people who earn their living and live their lives as part of the mining industry in South Dakota. In addition the museum is diligently working to preserve, protect, and enhance the extensive geological and mining collection that highlights minerals not only to the Black Hills but in the region throughout the state,” says Nelson.

Some lawmakers expressed concern that the museum would eventually request state funding.  Proponents say the museum is funded by donations and sales at the facility, they promised the museum will not seek state dollars in the future.   Lawmakers went on to pass the bill unanimously; it heads next to the State Senate.  It cleared the House by a large majority earlier this session.

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