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  • South Dakota Public Broadcasting celebrates 100 years of radio signal. We talk about the first sounds cast into the air. A magazine cover tells the history of a nation and the women who change it. We explore an art exhibition that celebrates both. Plus, a New Orleans group writes a South Dakota song. We've got a new episode of Fresh Tracks.
  • Police on Trial
    The Minneapolis Police Department. A FRONTLINE and "Star Tribune" investigation explores the history of heavy-handed policing in the Twin Cities. What does accountability look like?
  • In the Moment is live from the State Arts Conference in Rapid City. It's a celebration and a call to action. We'll talk with industry leaders about the influence of artists, from the well-known to the everyman. And we'll ask: What do artists need from us, what do we need from them, to build healthy creative communities across our region?
  • The founders of this nation grappled with the First Amendment. Should the private affairs of public men be shielded from scrutiny? We talk with author and legal scholar Amy Gajda about her book "Seek and Hide: The Tangled History of the Right to Privacy." Plus the 2022 Bush Fellows from South Dakota!
  • A new SDSU poll takes the temperature of voters ahead of the June 7th primary. Dakota Political Junkies Dave Wiltse and Lisa Hager also check in with how politics prepares for the Dobbs decision. Dr. Shankar Kurra is with us for a South Dakota COVID update. Plus, we preview the state arts conference as In the Moment prepares to hit the road for Rapid City.
  • May is National Moving Month, and the Better Business Bureau is warning of scams. Students graduating and starting new jobs make this time of year the busiest for moving.Jessie Schmidt is the South Dakota State Director of the Better Business Bureau. She says there are three common moving scams people should look out for.
  • South Dakotans are on the move. We look at how to move without being scammed. We check in with a Black Hills business reimagining 3D printing. Plus, a traditional Lakotan narrative about when White Buffalo Woman gave a sacred pipe to an oyate of the Oceti Sakowin. We talk about the multimedia art exhibition "The Gift."
  • Are you a hard worker or a workaholic? We might think keeping the nose to the grindstone is a sign of virtue, but what happens when it's a sign of emotional pain? We talk with financial therapist Rick Kahler. Plus, hepatitis of unknown origin in children and what parents need to know about the liver disease.
  • Each day, SDPB brings you statewide news coverage. We then compile those stories into a daily podcast.
  • Rapid City School District administrators intercepted 355 books an educator committee had requested for a 12th grade English class. The district says the books contain explicit sexual material inappropriate for school use. Now the school board will have to decide what to do with the books.We spend the hour talking about literature, education, and the First Amendment. Our guests include Jonathan Friedman with PEN America, author Dave Eggers, whose book "The Circle" is one of the prohibited titles, and members of the Rapid City school community.
  • Each day, SDPB brings you statewide news coverage. We then compile those stories into a daily podcast.
  • A new generation will face the challenges of conservation and the Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots helps South Dakota kids see the future as something they can influence. We talk with renowned conservationist, author, and activist Dr. Jane Goodall.