Natural Resources Conservation Service South Dakota

Officials with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources say they’re getting an increased number of calls from feedlot producers about how to handle spreading manure on fields this year.

The short window for applying that manure on fields could leave some producers without a choice but to violate their permit.

South Dakota and surrounding states got significant rainfall this autumn, delaying harvest for some farmers. That delay and cold weather shortly thereafter left a lot of farm ground frozen and not ideal for manure application.

Troubling privacy concerns, Apple updates, and some surprising Edge news on the Dec. 7th Techradio

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... December 7, 2018 Show 475 Hour 1

Larry Zimmerman is South Dakota's Secretary of the Department of Veterans Afairs. In just a few weeks, he will hand the baton to a new secretary. Mr. Zimmerman stopped by the studio in Sioux Falls today to reflect a bit on his accomplishmnets while in this role.

Lee Strubinger

In The Moment ... December 7, 2018 Show 475 Hour 1

Hailed for entertaining crowds abroad, Sequoia Crosswhite brings Lakota sounds to a blend of six-string hip-hop mixed with a surprising array of genres, and threads them together with Lakota flutes.

An enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Crosswhite is also a presenter of the tribe's rich history and culture.

Anti Bullying Campaign Making Rounds In SD Schools

Dec 7, 2018
Tour of Kindness

Organizers of an anti-bullying campaign are giving presentations in schools across South Dakota and surrounding areas. The Tour of Kindness teaches children how to respect others who are differently abled or come from diverse backgrounds.

Justine Kougl and her family moved from South Dakota to the Crow Reservation in Montana. She has three children-a seven year old, six year old and 3 year old daughter, Quinn. Quinn has Treacher Collins Syndrome.

Habitat for Humanity has built  homes in the Black Hills and western South Dakota for nearly 30 years. Each year the nonprofit organization puts up between six and ten homes. That makes a huge difference for new homeowners...but there’s still an enormous need for affordable houses in the area.

Habit for Humanity builders have a tight deadline to finish this three-bedroom home. Today’s task in the two story house is the kitchen.


From Wentworth To The Western Front

Dec 7, 2018

In The Moment ... December 6, 2018 Show 474 Hour 1

A new book ties together the letters between Private John Warns and his family and friends and the events of World War One.

"From Wentworth to the Western Front: The World War One Odyssey of Private John Warns" provides rare insight into the people and the mood of southeast South Dakota more than 100 years ago.

The book's author, Rich Lofthus, Professor of History at Mt. Marty College in Yankton, will meet the public during a book signing this Saturday at Zandbroz Variety in Sioux Falls from 2 to 4 p.m.

Brulé Ready To Delight With Holiday Concerts

Dec 7, 2018
Adria Botella

In The Moment ... December 6, 2018 Show 474 Hour 1 

One of the most exciting holiday concerts is coming to the Historic Orpheum Theater in Sioux Falls as Brulé presents their full theatrical show with dancers December 21-22.

Brulé is known for thrilling audiences with a blend of cultural rock and instrumentation through the emotional impact of the American Indian culture.

Brulé founder and producer Paul LaRoche joined In The Moment in the Kirby Family Studio in Sioux Falls.

Dakota Life Roams Through History

Dec 7, 2018

In The Moment ... December 6, 2018 Show 474 Hour 2

Experience a trip through the South Dakota Oral History Center. Learn about the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps in South Dakota. And, visit Yankton for a re-enactment of the return of the Lewis and Clark expedition's white pirogue.

Dakota Life producer Melissa Hamersma Sievers previews the new episode of Dakota Life on SDPB-TV, Thursday (12/6) at 8:00 p.m. Central.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... December 6, 2018 Show 474 Hour 1

The funeral of George H.W. Bush sends Kevin Woster searching for a letter he once received that outlined the former president's hunting exploits in South Dakota.

Read Woster's blog here.


Thursday features SD Senator Deb Soholt explaining legislative priorities for addressing access to mental health issues in the state. Paul LaRoche (Brulé) also joins us.

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