Lawmakers have two weeks left to craft a budget. Several of the governor’s one time expenditures are on the chopping block, unless officials can find money elsewhere.

Legislators have to plug up around $54 million dollar in revenue shortfall for the remainder of this and next fiscal year.

Lawmakers are looking for alternative ways to fund the Animals Disease Research and Diagnostics Laboratory and projects like the Spearfish Canyon land transfer will have to wait… at least until sales tax revenues pick up.

Chynna Lockett

In The Moment... February 24, 2017 Show 037 Hour 1

This weekend marks the 89th Academy Awards. Before we break out the snacks, we take deeper look at language in the movies and how it is used to identify people and, sometimes, to discriminate. On Monday, Lindsey Clouse presents "Dialect Discrimination from Disney to Django: How Hollywood Uses Language to Reinforce Racial Stereotypes" as part of the Black Hills State University speaker series. We talk with Lindsey about dialect, directors, and discrimination.

Dancers Choose Art Over Drugs

8 hours ago
Chynna Lockett

Dancing is a discipline that takes years of learning and practice to master. The Choose Art Performance is showcasing a young dance group in an effort to keeps kids away from drugs. Some of the dancers have been performing for over a decade.

A group 11 of dancers moves silently on stage as the choreographer counts to the tempo. Their hair is tied tight behind their heads. Each is dressed in all black except for a pair of white gloves with outlines of eyes drawn on the palms.


A measure that allows gun owners to carry a concealed pistols without permits is moving through the statehouse...even after one version of it died.
The legislation just passed the state House of Representatives. It now moves to the State Senate where lawmakers tabled a similar measure.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment... February 23, 2017 Show 036 Hour 2

We begin the hour with a preview of the 89th Academy Awards. Our guest is Jeff Logan, president of Logan Luxury Theaters. We make some Oscar predictions and keep in mind that films that might not resonate in South Dakota might still be Oscar favorites. On Monday’s “In the Moment” we return with Jeff for a recap.


In The Moment... February 23, 2017 Show 036 Hour 1

We begin our conversation about sexual violence and domestic violence in the state with Michelle Markgraf, executive director of the Compass Center. We talk about how some victims take years to break the cycle of domestic abuse, how it’s never a good idea to close the door on someone who is struggling to leave an abusive relationship, and more.

Debate Over DAPL Cleanup

Feb 23, 2017
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Negotiations for cleaning up the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp have broken down. A new debate surrounds the protest’s aftermath and who will clean up.

The Army Corps of Engineers ordered the protest camp to close by 2 pm Wednesday. Camp officials say the site is too muddy to move heavy equipment and get vehicles out by the deadline. 

National Weather Service

An area south of Interstate 90 in South Dakota is under a Winter Storm Warning for today and tomorrow, February 23rd and 24th.  The city of Sioux Falls is on the western edge of a Blizzard Warning.  SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt visits with Jen Hacker with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls about the storm that has entered the southwestern part of the state.

There are no Blizzard Warnings for West River, but heavy snow will make travel extremely difficult, according to John Chamberlain with the National Weather Service in Rapid City.


The South Dakota Senate has passed a bill that allows faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to refuse service based on religious beliefs.
Critics say that opens the door for discrimination against same-sex couples.
Senate Bill 149 protects faith-based adoption and foster service from losing state funds if they decide to turn away couples who don’t meet their requirements.
State Senator Alan Solano sponsors the bill. He says the measure allows religious groups to match children and parents based on their sincerely-held beliefs.

The State House of Representatives is sending the Senate a bill that places a 100-thousand dollar cap on out of state money for ballot question committees.
The House voted 50 to 18 in favor of the bill.
Most of the concern about H-B 1074 is whether it restricts free speech.
The bill’s sponsor State Representative Spencer Gosch says the measure protects South Dakota voters’ speech…


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