The Dana Leong Trio

56 minutes ago

Dana Leong's music spans multiple genres.  The two-time Grammy Award winner, often referred to as the "high-def Yo-Yo Ma," creates mesmerizing sounds that combine jazz, funk, hip-hop and classical music.  The electric cellist and trombonist studied at the Manhattan School of Music.  At the same time, he got involved with studio work in New York, improvising with artists like Kanye West, Lil' Kim and Marc Anthony.  His first CD, "Leaving New York," worked in jazz, funk and rock.  His sophomore effort in 2007, "Anth

Drone Free Super Bowl

3 hours ago

Kent Osborne and "The Computer Guys" discussed the "No Drone Zone" at this year's Super Bowl in San Francisco.  Also, more talk about Windows 10.  Osborne was joined by panelists Joel Broveleit and Jeff Litterick.

Jenifer Jones

The Statehouse Podcast for February 4th, 2016 includes coverage of legislation on industrial hemp, and medical marijuana along with a bill allowing lawmakers to carry a concealed handgun in the capitol.  The podcast also includes coverage of  a bill requiring mandatory meningitis vaccination for middle school students and a bill dealing with science curriculum requirements - plus other legislation. 


Jenifer Jones

The effort to put medical marijuana before voters in November has hit a stumbling block.   The ballot petition submitted to the Secretary of State’s office failed to receive approval.  

Petition organizers submitted over 16-thousand signatures for verification. The Secretary of State’s Office validation process shows only about 9-thousand met requirements.  About 14-thousand valid signatures are needed.  Organizers have 30-days to challenge the ruling if they choose.   

The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks department is launching four weeks of workshops called Habitat University. Andy Gabbert is a resource biologist with GFP. He talks about efforts to match landowners with the right resources for providing winter cover, food plots, native grass seedlings, and more.

Matt Morlock is assistant director for the South Dakota Regional Office of Pheasants Forever. He joins Dakota Midday to talk changes to the Conservation Reserve Program and about habitat and conservation efforts that makes sense for farmers, hunters, and wildlife.

The Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo draws thousands of visitors to the region. One cowboy is using his bareback bronco rides to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco use. Professional rodeo cowboy Cody Kiser is exclusively sponsored by the Oral Cancer Foundation, a small, nonprofit with a simple message for rodeo fans ... Be Smart, Don't Start.

Bill Requiring Meningitis Vaccine Moves Forward

Feb 4, 2016

Students may soon have to receive a meningitis vaccine before entering middle school. A state House committee passed a measure requiring the vaccine. The discussion centered on public health and patient choice.


Proponents of Senate Bill 28 say meningitis is a dangerous disease, and the vaccine helps save lives and protect the public. Justin Bell represents the South Dakota State Medical Association.

In a quick turnaround, the South Dakota Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of Ronald Ray Fischer. He's serving time for driving drunk and killing two U.S. Fish and Wildlife employees. The court heard oral arguments on Jan. 13 and released its opinion Thursday, Feb. 4. Fischer argued that the trial court should have suppressed blood tests showing his alcohol content to be almost three and a half times the legal limit.

For more information on federal and state law and supreme court decisions, follow the links posted with the story below.

State lawmakers killed a bill Thursday that allows science teachers to incorporate information outside the approved curriculum to help students analyze and learn. Supporters of the measure say it gives teachers power to facilitate understanding; opponents question whether the measure solves a real problem.



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