The Black Hills Film Festival runs from May 4 – 7 in Rapid City, Hill City, and Hot Springs. The film “Prophet’s Prey” kicks off the festival Wednesday night at 7 p.m. at the Elks Theater in Rapid.

Author and private investigator Sam Brower joins Dakota Midday to discuss the film and the “pedophile prophet” Warren Jeffs, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints.

South Dakota Hall of Fame (2015) inductee Rob Mudge joins Dakota Midday to discuss cultivating a culture of excellence.

Mudge is CEO of RPM & Associates. The manufacturing company was started in the basement of Rob and (his wife) Deb’s home and now has a global reach. We’ll talk about building a culture of excellence, the definition of integrity, and what South Dakota businesses can offer the world.

POINT TAKEN is PBS’ new late-night series hosted by Emmy-winning journalist and CEO of OZY Media, Carlos Watson.  The series launched on April 5th and new episodes premiere on Tuesday nights.  A lively, weekly, multiplatform dialogue and debate series with humor, the series features 4 panelists each show and incorporates audience input, independent polling & social media elements.

Bison Could Become National Mammal

18 hours ago
Courtesy Wind Cave National Park

Bison could soon become the country’s National Mammal. The US House and Senate passed the National Bison Legacy Act. It’s awaiting President Obama’s signature.

Charles Michael Ray

Nearly 20 bridges in South Dakota are getting replaced or improved thanks to new funding passed by the South Dakota legislature. The South Dakota Transportation Commission approved eight million dollars for bridge improvement projects across the state.

 Darin Bergquist is the Secretary of Transportation. He says funding for the Bridge Improvement Grant program came out of legislation passed in the 2015 session. 

Community Conversations Says It’s Still Going Strong

May 3, 2016
Community Conversations

One Black Hills organization is expanding its effort to bridge cultural gaps in South Dakota.

The group Community Conversations includes not only members of the Lakota Community, but also support from organizations like the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce and Regional Health.

The group Community Conversations was formed a little over a year ago in Rapid City to help resolve race related issues. Chas Jewett is a founding member of Rapid City’s Community Conversations.

Courtesy LBST

It’s been one year since long-term Lower Brule Sioux Tribal Chairman Mike Jandreau passed away amid allegations of corruption and mismanagement of funds within his administration.

Jandreau’s replacement Vice-Chairman Kevin Wright says, since then, little progress has been made to get the tribe on track.

Meanwhile, the tribe has been the focus of a new round of negative press over misspent federal funds that came to light during a recent federal audit.

Dakota Midday: Kelly Lindquist, Art Space CEO

May 2, 2016
Art Space

A starving artist is sometimes seen as the norm.  Many great artists lived at least some of their lives struggling with poverty, think, Van Gogh or even Johnny Cash. 

But some argue that artists should not always go hungry, or homeless.     Kelly Lindquist is President and CEO of a Minneapolis based organization called Art Space.

Maddie Lukomski and Libby Murphy are award-winning high school poets who triumphed in South Dakota’s Poetry Out Loud competition.

The national finals are May 3-4. Lukomski is on her way to Washington DC to represent South Dakota as state champion. Murphy is one of the state winners in the original poetry competition. The two discuss the value of committing verse to memory, the opportunities for young poets to find careers, and why you should always move your notebook to another room when you have the stomach flu.

Jay Smith and Ronette Rumpca join Midday to discuss the upcoming South Dakota State Historical Society's conference on South Dakota’s Food Heritage. It’s a conversation about regional food traditions, from local wild catches and immigrant dishes, to diners and drive-ins across the state.

Plus, Rumpca and Midday host Lori Walsh wax nostalgic about their grandmother's cooking.



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