In The Moment...January 24 2017 Show 014 Hour 2

Guests: Sebastian Barry, author; SDPB's Victoria Wicks & SDPB's Kealey Bultena, women's march; Paul Horsted & Jerry Penry, images of the past, Black Elk Peak

In The Moment...January 24 2017 Show 014 Hour 1

Guests: Hayley Brooks, genocide studies advocate; LuAnn Severson, director of public affairs and public development with the South Dakota Health Care Association; SD Senator Neal Tapio;  Jim Allan, retired forest service employee and public lands liason

State Lawmaker Resigns District 8 House Seat

1 hour ago
Legislative Research Council

Eighth-District State Representative Matthew Wollman has resigned his seat, days after admitting to having sexual contact with two Legislative interns.  House Speaker Mark Mickelson said last week a bi-partisan committee would look into Wollman’s actions.  Wollman admitted to sexual contact with the interns in both the 20-15 and 20-16 sessions.  He gave his resignation Monday, January 23.  Governor Dennis Daugaard released a statement Monday morning, which says the Representative did the right thing by leaving the House.  Daugaard says he plans to name a replacement quickly.  Wollman’s dis

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Participants in the Women's March in Sioux Falls have different reasons for demonstrating. Some say it's political; others say the gathering was not about how a person votes. Others say they gain inspiration from being around people who stand up for women's rights, gay rights, Native American rights, and more. In this discussion, SDPB's Kealey Bultena talks with In The Moment's Lori Walsh.

Miss Weiss

On Saturday South Dakotans joined millions of people across the world for a one-day rally. The Women's March on Washington was established as a show of solidarity and a rallying cry that women's rights are human rights. Companion marches took place in all 50 states and across the globe.

In Rapid City, protesters filled the City Administration parking lot, marched through a few blocks of downtown, and then gathered in Memorial Park.

Sent by Suzan Nolan

One of the South Dakotans who joined the Women's March on Washington, D.C., was Suzan Nolan of Rapid City.

Nolan had initially made arrangements to travel to Hillary Clinton's inauguration. After Donald Trump's victory, Nolan heard about the Women's March and kept her plane ticket.

Nolan talks with SDPB's Victoria Wicks from Washington after the march.

A proposal to add electronic devices to the state’s wiretapping laws probably won’t be used much in the future.

The House Commerce and Energy Committee has approved a measure dealing with renewable energy. House Bill 12-10 expands protection for citizens from energy companies. The bill adds solar power to an existing law dealing with land owner protections.

After a slow start lawmakers expect issues to pick up from legislation dealing with IM-22 to a new animal diagnostic lab at SDSU. 

Lawmakers: “Expect A Busy Session Going Forward”

Jan 20, 2017
Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Statehouse legislative leaders say after a slow week of formalities, lawmakers should expect a lot more activity in the coming weeks of session.

From more discussion on IM 22, to an animal research facility, to a committee looking at a legislator's admitted sexual misconduct, Representatives and Senators know they won't have much down time.

During end of the week press conferences, several lawmakers say they're expecting an influx of bills over the next two weeks.

They say the relative slow start is meant to teach newcomers the workings of the state legislature.

Leadership Says Current Wiretapping Statute Hardly Used

Jan 20, 2017

State Republican legislative leaders say if the governor’s proposal to add electronic devices to the state’s wiretapping laws passes both chambers, it won’t be used much in the future.

They say at this time the current statute is sparsely used.

House Majority Leader Lee Qualm says he asked several South Dakota judges about the proposed wiretapping statute.

The legislative committee to investigate a Republican representative for sexual contact with interns will meet on Tuesday.

Representative Matthew Wollmann admits to having relations with two different interns over the ages of 21.

Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson says the committee to investigate Representative Wollmann is open to the public…


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