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In The Moment ... September 8, 2017 Show 173 Hour 1

We begin the program with this week's Moment in Sound. You can head to the Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls tonight for the Four Winds Festival. The Tinder Box plays live. Chad Konrad is a member of The Tinder Box as well as an audio engineer for The White Wall Sessions, now in its fifth season. He joins us for live music and conversation.

Direct Wine Shipment Passes Senate

Feb 24, 2014

South Dakotans are a step closer to having the ability to ship wine directly to their homes. State Senators pass Senate Bill 114 by a vote of 23-11 Monday. The measure allows wineries to apply for direct shipper licenses in the state. Senator Corey Brown says South Dakota is one of six states that don’t allow direct wine shipments, and current statute is hurting entrepreneurs and not giving a fair chance to all in the business.

Direct Wine Shipment Bill Sent to Appropriations

Feb 18, 2014

Legislation to allow wine shipments in South Dakota is moving to another committee, after failing to pass out of the Senate Commerce and Energy committee it’s second time through. Senate Bill 114 made it out of committee last week without recommendation, but the bill was sent back to Commerce from the Senate floor. No further testimony was heard Tuesday, but the bill was reconsidered to allow Senator Dan Lederman the chance to vote after being absent last week. Lederman says he continues to disagree with the measure.

Members of the Senate Commerce and Energy committee are split in their opinions of legislation that allows direct shipping of wine to consumers. There are currently 41 states that allow the direct shipment of wine, but South Dakota isn’t one of them. Senate Bill 114 seeks to change that. Supporters of the measure say it’s what consumers want, while opponents argue it puts South Dakota businesses at a disadvantage.

Two Women On Wine

Nov 26, 2012

Carrie Metz and Lindsey McKelvey write the "Two Women on Wine" blog for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.  They talk about the best wines to serve for the holidays and what wines go best with cold temperatures.