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Direct Wine Shipment Passes Senate

South Dakotans are a step closer to having the ability to ship wine directly to their homes. State Senators pass Senate Bill 114 by a vote of 23-11 Monday. The measure allows wineries to apply for direct shipper licenses in the state. Senator Corey Brown says South Dakota is one of six states that don’t allow direct wine shipments, and current statute is hurting entrepreneurs and not giving a fair chance to all in the business.

“The bottom line is that I believe to a large degree Senate Bill 114 is about us ensuring we’re not picking winners and losers—that we allow the free marketplace to do what it was supposed to do. Not without regulation altogether, but in a smart, efficient way that ensures any of the concerns that are out there are taken care of,” Brown says.

An amendment to limit wine shipments to wines not currently sold in the state failed, as opponents to the addition worry about hurting in-state wineries. Senate Bill 114 now heads to the House.