In The Moment … December 15, 2020 Show 961 Hour 2

Nearly four years in the making, Return from ISIS tells the story of an American mother and her children's journey from Indiana to the heart of the self-declared ISIS caliphate and back. Throughout the documentary, Samantha Elhassani claims she was tricked into taking her children to Syria by her husband, but where her account ends and the truth begins is a gray area.

Guest: Director, writer, and producer Josh Baker, director, writer, and producer

PBS Presents "The Age of Nature"

Oct 7, 2020

In The Moment … October 7, 2020 Show 918 Hour 1

A week from today, SDPB-TV premieres the new PBS series, The Age of Nature. Filmed on seven continents, the series presents a diverse range of scientists, conservationists, and citizens who are bringing about change in their communities.  The Age of Nature travels the world to explore innovative ways people are finding to restore our planet. Each episode highlights some of the latest scientific research that helps us understand the natural world and presents effective strategies to fight its complex issues.  

SDPB News: Aug 12

Aug 12, 2020

What's the latest policy from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe on members attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Plus, could South Dakota soon be seeing mass testing for COVID-19? 

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FRONTLINE: Love, Life and the Virus

Aug 6, 2020

In The Moment … August 6, 2020 Show 875 Hour 1

FRONTLINE: "COVID's Hidden Toll"

Jul 20, 2020

In The Moment … July 20, 2020 Show 862 Hour 1

A new FRONTLINE explores how the COVID crisis has hit vulnerable immigrants and undocumented workers. From award-winning filmmakers Daffodil Altan & Andrés Cediel, the film offers stories from the pandemic's invisible victims, including crucial farm and meat-packing workers who lack protections and have been getting sick. "COVID's Hidden Toll" premieres tomorrow night at 9:00 Central, 8:00 Mountain. You can also stream the new FRONTLINE episode at PBS.org/FRONTLINE. Joining us is filmmaker Daffodil Altan.


FRONTLINE "Once Upon a Time in Iraq"

Jul 13, 2020

In The Moment … July 13, 2020 Show 857 Hour 1

FRONTLINE: "Opioids, Inc."

Jun 23, 2020

In The Moment … June 23, 2020 Show 844 Hour 1

FRONTLINE: Coronavirus Pandemic

Apr 21, 2020

In The Moment ... April 21, 2020 Show 800 Hour 1


In The Moment ... November 5, 2019 Show 694 Hour 1

Over the last four decades, automation has eliminated more jobs than have been lost to plants going offshore. The fear is now that AI could greatly quicken that trend.

FRONTLINE's new documentary, In the Age of AI, explores the promise of AI and the commercial applications of deep learning. Both fascinating and frightening, In the Age of AI is a powerful look at how this new technology is already changing our world.

Say It Loud

Jan 31, 2019

In The Moment ... January 31, 2019 Show 506 Hour 1

SAY IT LOUD host Azie Dungey previews the new digital series from PBS. It's part cultural critique, part talk show and part history lesson.

Dungey and her co-host Evelyn Ngugi share unique perspectives and expertise on Black history and modern Black culture and their charisma and humor makes SAY IT LOUD a fun learning experience.

A New Vision Of America And The People Who Built It

Oct 22, 2018

In The Moment ... October 22. 2018 Show 445 Hour 1

It's a new vision of America and the people who built it. The four-part PBS series NATIVE AMERICA debuts Tuesday, October 23rd on SDPB-TV. Tune in at 8 p.m. CDT / 7 p.m. MDT for episode one: From Caves to Cosmos.

The NATIVE AMERICA series combines modern science and scholarship with Native American traditions and oral history to bring to life the world created by America's first peoples.

Gary Glassman, executive producer and director of the series, joined In the Moment for a preview.

Grand Opening Of The SDPB's Sioux Falls Studios

Oct 15, 2018
Adria Botella

In The Moment ... October 15. 2018 Show 441 Hour 1

Many of fans and supporters joined us at the new SDPB Sioux Falls studios for our Grand Opening events.

Paula Kerger is President and CEO of PBS. She was in Sioux Falls for the celebration. She sat down with SDPB's Director of Radio Cara Hetland.

In The Moment ... June 4, 2018 Show 350 Hour 2

SDPB is traveling the state to find out what South Dakotans love to read. Find us in a town near you or send an e-mail to inthemoment@sdpb.org.

For some readers, a favorite book can lead to a lifelong interest, or even a career. Sarah Carlson is with the Lead Opera House. Her favorite book didn't make the PBS Great American Read List of 100, but that doesn't mean its not a community favorite.


In The Moment ... May 22, 2018 Show 342 Hour 1

What's America's best-loved novel? You get to decide. PBS launches The Great American Read tonight with a special two-hour kickoff special on SDPB-TV.

THE GREAT AMERICAN READ is an eight-part series that explores and celebrates the power of reading, told through the prism of America's 100 best-loved novels (as chosen in a national survey). 

Joining us in the SDPB studios at the University of Sioux Falls is Jacqueline Palfy. She leads the Zandbroz Book Club.


In the Moment ... February 26, 2018 Show 284 Hour 1

What is the promise of America and who has access to it? A new documentary from PBS called "American Creed" explores the topic.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David M. Kennedy come together from different backgrounds and points of view to investigate the idea of a unifying American creed.

Diedre Prevett, principal of Lindbergh Elementary School in Tulsa, Oklahama, is featured in the film.

She joins us to talk about living her American Dream.

In The Moment ... December 12, 2017 Show 238 Hour 1 

Lidia Bastianitch is one of the most widely recognized chefs in America. She's an Emmy award-winning television host and a best-selling cookbook author. She's the owner of four acclaimed New York City restaurants.

Her new television special is called "Lidia Celebrates America: Homegrown Heroes". It premiers on SDPB-TV this Friday, December 15 at 10 p.m. Central / 9 Mountain.

She joins us to talk about food, freedom, and overcoming hardship.


In The Moment ... October 27, 2017 Show 208 Hour 1

PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger visits the Black Hills to mark the official opening of the SDPB Black Hills Bureau. Kerger is the longest serving president and CEO in PBS history. Since her arrival, she has made particularly strong commitments to the arts, news and public affairs, high-quality educational content for children and the classroom, and the use of new digital platforms to bring public media into the lives of all Americans.

POINT TAKEN is PBS’ new late-night series hosted by Emmy-winning journalist and CEO of OZY Media, Carlos Watson.  The series launched on April 5th and new episodes premiere on Tuesday nights.  A lively, weekly, multiplatform dialogue and debate series with humor, the series features 4 panelists each show and incorporates audience input, independent polling & social media elements.

Ask This Old House

This Old House is a popular, long-running PBS television program following remodeling projects over a number of weeks. But because the program only works on one or two houses a year, a new program, Ask This Old House, was spun off in 2002 to help solve home improvement problems faced by viewers. Host Kevin O’Connor and experts answer everyday home improvement and repair questions along with more specialized questions.


According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, an estimated 300 to 330 million people go on  spiritual pilgrimages around the world each year. But why? And what are they searching for? Those are among the questions best-selling author Bruce Feiler explores in a new PBS series, Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler.

PBS Airs 'The Act of Killing'

Oct 6, 2014

When Joshua Oppenheimer started working on a film about the mid-1960s mass killings in Indonesia, he first spoke with survivors. But when the army threatened them, the survivors suggested he try and film the perpetrators instead. So he found the death squad leaders who boastfully re-enacted their war crimes for Oppenheimer in the style of their favorite Hollywood movies.

On October 17, 1974, Willie Nelson performed at the KLRN television studios on the University of Texas campus for the inaugural Austin City Limits. Over the course of four decades and hundreds of episodes, the program has featured a wide variety of artists from legends like Ray Charles and Chet Atkins to contemporary bands such as Arcade Fire and the Decemberists.

Theodore Roosevelt said that he never would have become President of the United States had it not been for the time he spent in North Dakota. He first came to the state in 1883 to hunt bison and later returned seeking solitude and time to heal following the death of both his mother and wife.


In the PBS science-reality series Time Team America, archeologists have 72 hours to uncover buried secrets using the latest technology, decades of expertise and their own smarts.

In tonight's episode airing on SDPB-TV, “The Bones of Badger Hills,”  Adrien Hannus assists a team digging at a site in western Oklahoma. Hannus is professor of anthropology and director of the Archeology Laboratory at Augustana College in Sioux Falls.

The Enduring Legend of Al Capone

Jul 17, 2014
John Binder

More than eighty years after the peak of his power, the legend of mobster Al Capone endures. His name still evokes images of pin-stripe suits and white fedoras.

A new PBS program airing Tuesday on SDPB-TV, Al Capone: Icon, follows the gangster's rise from a two-bit hustler to the king of Chicago’s underworld and examines why he continues to fascinate so many Americans.

Bill Margol is senior director of programming and development at PBS and joined Dakota Midday to discuss the program.


Independent Lens: Young Lakota

Nov 21, 2013

On Monday at 9:00 p.m. Central on SDPB-TV, INDEPENDENT LENS presents “Young Lakota,” which follows three young people living on the Pine Ridge Reservation trying to forge a better future.  When the tribe's first female president, Cecelia Fire Thunder, defies a South Dakota law banning abortion by threatening to build a women's clinic on the reservation, the three young tribe members are drawn into a political firestorm that changes their lives.  Sunny Clifford, who is featured in the film, is now a reproductive rights activist.  She was the winner of the Ms.

FRONTLINE "Outlawed In Pakistan"

May 28, 2013

In the FRONTLINE documentary, "Outlawed in Pakistan," filmmakers Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellmann trace an alleged rape victim's odyssey through her country's justice system.  In Pakistan, women and girls who allege rape are often more strongly condemned than their alleged rapists.  Some are even killed by their own families.  Nosheen and Schellmann also documented the alleged rapists' quest to clear their names.  The program airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. Central on SDPB-TV.

Fort Peck Dam

Apr 23, 2013

The idea for the Fort Peck Dam was born in the midst of the Great Depression.  The reason for the dam was the wild unpredictability of the Missouri River as it wound through America's heartland.  In "Fort Peck Dam," Montana PBS producer Scott Sterling tells the story of the dam's construction in human terms.  More than 50,000 workers signed onto the project - 60 were killed during construction.  Sterling, along with Michele Frohmdahl, Park Ranger for the U.S.

FRONTLINE "The Retirement Gamble"

Apr 23, 2013

For many Americans, traditional retirement is now a pipe dream.  Nearly 17% believe they'll never retire at all.  Who is to blame?  FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith presents an eye-opening investigation of a financial services industry that may be draining your retirement savings with every passing year.  FRONTLINE's "The Retirement Gamble" airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. Central on SDPB-TV.

Antiques Roadshow: Rapid City

Apr 22, 2013

The first of three Antiques Roadshow episodes from Rapid City will air Monday at 7:00 p.m. Central on SDPB-TV.  It's followed by "Behind the Scenes at Antiques Roadshow" at 8:00 p.m. Central.  The behind the scenes look into the Rapid City episodes was produced by Brian Gevik of SDPB-TV.  Gevik, along with Fritz Miller, SDPB Director of Marketing, and Lura Roti, a stringer for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader discussed the event and programming.  Roti blogged as she went through the entire appraisal experience with her mother.