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FRONTLINE: "Opioids, Inc."


In The Moment … June 23, 2020 Show 844 Hour 1

FRONTLINE and their reporting partners at the Financial Times have published the results of an investigation on Insys Therapeutics which revealed how the drug company pushed opioids and made millions for Wall Street investors by bribing doctors and committing insurance fraud. As part of this joint investigation, in connection with the written story, they have released their new documentary, Opioids, Inc., online ahead of its premiere tonight on SDPB-TV.
It's currently streaming now online, on YouTube and on the PBS Video App. You can also see Opioids, Inc., tonight on FRONTLINE at 9:00 Central, 8:00 Mountain on SDPB-TV.
Joining us to preview Opioids Inc., is producer Tom Jennings.
You can stream Opioids, Inc. here:

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