Election 2014

Pressler for Senate

A year ago former South Dakota Republican U.S. Senator Larry Pressler announced his candidacy as an independent for his former senate seat. He lost to Republican Mike Rounds in a four-way race this past November.

Brewer Vs. Yellow Bird Steele for OST President

Nov 2, 2014

In Tuesday’s midterm election, voters will decide the make-up of congress and South Dakota’s next Governor.  
On the Pine Ridge Reservation, a presidential race is also underway.   Tribal residents are deciding who will lead the Oglala Lakota Nation for the next two years.  

Rick Weiland

Since announcing his campaign for U.S. Senate last year, Democrat Rick Weiland has visited every town in South Dakota. He says government is not the problem, but a government controlled by what he calls “big money and special interests.” Weiland is a Sioux Falls businessman who worked for Senator Tom Daschle. He also served as regional director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and was state director for the AARP.

During a Dakota Midday interview, Weiland explained why he thinks big money has taken over government and how he plans to fix the problem.

Democratic Candidate Corinna Robinson

Apr 28, 2014

In her campaign, Democratic candidate Corinna Robinson says the country is facing unprecedented challenges while politicians seem more interested in scoring political points than doing what's right for South Dakota and the nation. After high school, she joined the Army and worked her way up to Sergeant First Class. She attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned an officer in the Military Police Corps. She served in Iraq and retired after 25 years in the Army.