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In The Moment ... October 4, 2017 Show 191 Hour 2

Seth Tupper and Denise Ross join us this week as we unpack the state's top political headlines. After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, this week we look at response from South Dakota's members of Congress as well as comments from gubernatorial candidate Marty Jackley about his thoughts on preserving 2nd Amendment rights for South Dakotans.


President Obama has announced new regulations and more stringent background checks for anyone who wants to purchase a firearm. 

Meanwhile, in South Dakota 2015 saw a spike in the number of concealed pistol permits, the permits allow a citizen who has completed a background check to legally hide and carry a handgun.  

While a state issued conceal carry permit requires a background check it doesn’t necessarily streamline the federal background checks needed to purchase a firearm.  Some state lawmakers hope that can change.

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds

U.S. Senator Mike Rounds questions a call by the Obama Administration to prohibit someone on the no fly list from owning a gun in the United States.

The no fly list is maintained by federal intelligence agencies who flag those they deem a potential terrorist or threat.   President Obama says anyone on that list should not be able to walk into a gun shop and purchase a firearm.   

But Senator Mike Rounds worries this would violate the constitution.  

Enhanced SD Pistol Permit = Conceal Carry In More States

Sep 21, 2015
Charles Michael Ray

South Dakota is about to offer a new permit that allows residents to conceal carry a handgun in more states.

Currently the conceal carry permit in South Dakota has reciprocity in about 30 states, the basic permit involves a criminal background check only.   

But the state is gearing up to offer an optional enhanced permit that requires fingerprinting and a handgun safety course.