After more than two hours of testimony and discussion, the House Health and Human Services committee rejects a bill that prohibits schools from requiring vaccinations. 

House Majority Leader Lee Qualm sponsored the bill and says it’s unfortunate the bill has been referenced as “anti-vax.” He says it’s really about medical freedom.

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Dr. Rick Holm joins us today to preview tonights show on vaccinations.

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Officials with the South Dakota Animal Industry Board recommend animal producers vaccinate their herds against anthrax as they turn their cattle out to pasture this summer.

Several cases of anthrax are reported every year.  Last year seven herds were affected state-wide.

Anthrax is a deadly bacterial disease affecting a wide range of livestock.   It can also spread to humans.

Dr. Dustin Oedekoven is the state veterinarian and Executive Secretary for the South Dakota Animal Industry Board.

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Dr. Richard Holm aka The Prairie Doc joins In The Moment on weekly basis.

Today Dr. Holm offers a medical perspective to the Affordable Care Act. 

Sanford Health

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The 2nd Annual Immunize South Dakota statewide conference is tomorrow at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

It's important to keep our immunizations up to date in both adults and children.

Dr. Jennifer Schriever, a family medicine provider with Sanford Health and also a member of the Sioux Falls Area Immunization Coalition, joined In The Moment to discuss the importance of vaccines in order to prevent health complications.

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This fall kids entering 6th grade are required to get a vaccine to protect against meningitis. The change in vaccine requirements for 6th graders results from a bill passed by the 2016 legislature.

The Statehouse Podcast for Tuesday February 9th, 2016 includes coverage of legislation on the policy for allowing transgender students in high school sports, prenatal care, and vaccine warnings.

Bill Requiring Meningitis Vaccine Moves Forward

Feb 4, 2016

Students may soon have to receive a meningitis vaccine before entering middle school. A state House committee passed a measure requiring the vaccine. The discussion centered on public health and patient choice.


Proponents of Senate Bill 28 say meningitis is a dangerous disease, and the vaccine helps save lives and protect the public. Justin Bell represents the South Dakota State Medical Association.

For several diseases South Dakota has top childhood vaccination rates in the nation. The latest information available comes from the 2014 National Immunization Survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

South Dakota’s immunization rates are in the top 10 for more than one dozen individual vaccines recommended across the country. A CDC survey examines rates for children 18 to 35 months old.