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Sister Helen Prejean is the author of "Dead Man Walking," "The Death of Innocents," and "River of Fire: My Spiritual Journey." She joins In the Moment ahead of a visit to the University of Sioux Falls for Criminal Justice Week. 

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In The Moment ... February 21, 2019 Show 520 Hour 2

A group called Roman Catholic Faithful is targeting Cardinal Blase with ads in Rapid City and online. The ads question his leadership when he was serving as Bishop with the Rapid City Diocese. They accuse Cardinal Cupich of, among other things, the promotion of a "a pro-homosexual agenda." Kevin Woster joined us in the SDPB Sioux Falls studios with perspective on the group and the direction of the Catholic church.

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In The Moment ... December 20, 2018 Show 484 Hour 1

Last year the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops gave unanimous consent to begin the canonization cause for Nicholas Black Elk Sr.

Bill White is the diocesan vice-postulator of Black Elk's sainthood cause. White is an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

He was the featured Morning Fill-Up speaker this morning at The Garage in Rapid City, sponsored by the Numad Group and The Bush Foundation.

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In The Moment ... September 13, 2018 Show 421 Hour 1

Should the South Dakota Attorney General's Office ask for confidential Catholic Church records on past allegations of sexual abuse?

SDPB's Kevin Woster tackles the issue in his blog. You can read it at

Church Abuse Case Set Before SD Supreme Court

Oct 6, 2014

A 2010 law passed through the state legislature with the backing of Catholic Church lobbyists is being challenged in the state Supreme Court.  The hearing is set for Tuesday, October 7th.

FRONTLINE: Secrets Of The Vatican

Feb 25, 2014

A year ago, after receiving a confidential dossier on troubles in the Catholic Church, Benedict XVI became the first Pope in nearly 600 years to resign.  In "Secrets of the Vatican," FRONTLINE exposes the threats and scandals that rocked Benedict's papacy: a far reaching clergy sex abuse crisis; money laundering and corruption at the Vatican Bank; and Vatileaks - the release of internal documents revealing cronyism, power struggles and allegations of blackmail within the Holy See.  Dakota Midday host Karl Gehrke was joined by award winning director Antony Thomas who spent a year on this pro

Sexual Abuse In Catholic Schools

Apr 9, 2013

A set of letters recently filed in a court case against the Catholic Church details allegations of sexual abuse against Native American children at the Saint Francis Mission in the late 1960s and early 70s. SDPB's Charles Michael Ray has been examining the documents in the case.

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The Catholic Church has a new pope.  76 year old Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina has taken the name Pope Francis.  Bishop Paul Swain says Pope Francis has a background of caring for the poor and vulnerable.  He says this is due to the fact that Pope Francis comes a country with economic challenges and pockets of deep poverty.

SD Bishops Surprised By Pope Selection

Mar 13, 2013

The Catholic Church has a new pope.  76-year old Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio  from Argentina has taken the name Pope Francis.   SDPB’s news team gathered reactions from across the state.   Charles Michael Ray has today’s Dakota Digest.

When white smoke began pouring out of Saint Peters Basilica Bishop Robert Gruss who leads the Catholic Diocese in Rapid City did the same thing as many Catholics around the world. He waited for the official announcement.  When the news came in that Cardinal Bergoglio from Argentina would become Pope Francis, Gruss was surprised but pleased.  

Bishop: "Great Joy" Over New Pope

Mar 13, 2013

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina is the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  Bergoglio has taken the name Pope Francis.  

Many who follow the process closely were surprised by the selection.    He was not among the group that many thought of as front runners.   Bishop Robert Gruss who leads the Catholic Diocese of Rapid City says he is surprised but very pleased.   He says it’s good the cardinals selected a representative from South America.

Selecting A New Pope

Feb 25, 2013

Cardinals from around the world have begun gathering in Rome to greet Pope Benedict XVI before he retires on Thursday.  The cardinals will meet to discuss when to begin the conclave to elect his successor.  Dr. Helen Ciernick, Assistant Professor of Theology and co-chair of the Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy at Mt. Marty College in Yankton, and Dr. Paul Anders, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies and co-chair of the Department of Philosophy talk about the election of a new Pope and Pope Benedict's place in history.