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SDPB Radio News Director Cara Hetland hosts this program which explores the cutting edge products and services being offered by South Dakotans. Airs on alternating Fridays.

Creating A Center For Security And Counterfeiting

Jan 17, 2014

Dr. Jon Kellar and Dr. Grant Crawford of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology join Innovation to discuss the creation of a Center for Security Printing and Anti-Counterfeiting Technology. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is the lead institution for the project. Collaborating with other faculty from the University of South Dakota and South Dakota State University, these university-based researchers will work on new projects to address the most pervasive and destructive security and counterfeiting problems.

Grants To Expand Research At SD Universities

Jan 17, 2014

The South Dakota Board of Regents recently announced a series of innovation grants to expand research at several universities in South Dakota. Paul Turman, Vice President for Research & Economic Development with the SD Board of Regents, talked about the new grants. For more details on the grants, click here:

New Treatment And Diagnosis For Cervical Cancer

Jan 17, 2014

Dr. Luis Rojas and Dr. David Starks, both with Avera Medical Group Gynecolocic Oncology, discussed new treatment and diagnosis of cervical cancer. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

Cancer Prevention And Research Funding

Dec 20, 2013

As our understanding of cancer evolves, so must research into the disease that strikes more than one million Americans each year. But federal funding is in jeopardy, and experts says the private sector can’t make up the lack of government money. The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network is the advocacy division that raises money and awareness for cancer prevention, research and treatment. SDPB's Kealey Bultena sat down with Dr.

Avera and its orthopedic partners in Sioux Falls and Mitchell, S.D., today (12/19) announced plans to offer personalized medicine for post-surgical pain management in patients undergoing elective orthopedic surgery. Personalized medicine is a term which describes the use of genetic analysis to better manage a patient’s disease. In this case, the genetic analysis is a “snapshot” of how the liver metabolizes medication.

Bush Grant Companies Merge

Dec 6, 2013

OTA and Pollen are two organizations that connect creative and civic-minded individuals. They will merge to create what they call a regional transformation of communities and ideas in South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. Over the past five years OTA has formed a movement dedicated to 'connecting the disconnected' throughout North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Infrastructure Research And Innovation In SD

Dec 6, 2013

A lot has happened in the last 8 to 10 years to make it easier to start a business from an idea. Cara Hetland took a look at the infrastructure surrounding research and innovation in South Dakota with Rich Naser, Executive Director of the South Dakota Technology Business, Mark Luecke, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of South Dakota Innovation Partners, and Paul Turman, System Vice President for Research and Economic Development with the South Dakota Board of Regents.

Medications Aim To Reduce Heart Attacks

Nov 22, 2013

SDPB's Charles Michael Ray speaks with Dr. James Walder about a new study looking at medications that aim to reduce heart attacks in Native American patients. The set of drugs act as platelet inhibitors to reduce the chance of blood clots that can cause heart attacks. The drugs may have different effects based on genetic background. Dr. Walder is the Principal Investigator for this research study and a cardiologist with the Heart Doctors in Rapid City and the Medical Director of the Black Hills Cardiovascular Research Group.

SDTBC Accelerator Program

Nov 22, 2013

Innovation continues its conversation with business start-ups who are participating in the South Dakota Technology Business Center (SDTBC) Accelerator program. The companies and founders are: Sidewalk Technologies with Amos Kittelson, Nanofiber Separations with Todd Menkhaus, and Fiontar Nua with Faye Wright.

New Dialysis Center In Sioux Falls

Nov 8, 2013

A new Dialysis Center is opening in Sioux Falls. Gone are the large rooms with several chairs. Dr. Robert Santella from the Avera Medical Group Nephrology and Beth Plahn discussed the new center on Innovation.

Companies Give Updates On Accelerator Program

Nov 8, 2013

Three start-up companies have completed the accelerator program this year. Host Cara Hetland talked with Linda Thomason of Braced With Style, Curt Ahlemeier and Mike Merrel of FarmCast Group, and Lisa Rinaldo, Director of Sales and Manufacturing at Prohm-tect, about the program they finished and updates on where their companies are headed.

High School Athletes And College Recruiting

Oct 11, 2013

Dann Ericson, Recruiting Specialist at Athletes for College, has started this new business in South Dakota where it focuses on high school athletes and assists in college recruiting by analyzing videos and offers a clearinghouse for coaches. He sat down with Cara Hetland to discuss his new company.

Jordan Evans

Oct 11, 2013

SDPB News reporter Kealey Bultena speaks with Jordan Evans, who works for NASA and helped land the rover Curiosity on Mars. He spoke last weekend at the Cardiovascular Symposium at Sanford.

Medgene Receives Grant For Breast Cancer Research

Oct 11, 2013

Medgene has received a grant for breast cancer research and improving treatment for survivors of breast cancer. Survivors are often at risk for infection because many suffer from lymphedema, a condition in which fluid is retained because of damage to the lymphatic system. Sioux Falls is hosting the National NIH SBIR conference and this is the first NIH SBIR Phase 1 grant received in the state in three years. Sue Lancaster, Operations Director for Innovation Partners and manager of Medgene Labs and Tranzderm Solutions, discussed the grant and the research that it's being used for.

Sustainability And Integrative Medicine

Sep 13, 2013

Julie Urlaub is with Taiga Company and discussed how businesses need to embrace sustainability to reduce costs and increase sales. Dr. Dawn Flickema is with Avera and discussed integrative medicine. Integrative medicine complements traditional medical treatment and focuses on healing body, mind and spirit. Both guests joined Cara Hetland at the Plain Green Conference in Sioux Falls.

Ethanol And Water Systems

Sep 13, 2013

Doug Berven, a member of Poet, discussed how agriculture and ethanol benefits our country. Tom Meyer is with the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) and he discussed building water systems with host Cara Hetland at the Plain Green Conference in Sioux Falls.

"Your Farm In The City" Author

Sep 13, 2013

Lisa Taylor, author of "Your Farm in the City," discussed how growing food and sharing the surplus can make our communities more resilient with host Cara Hetland at the Plain Green Conference held at the Sioux Falls Orpheum Theatre.

The iNaturalist App

Aug 23, 2013

You’ve likely heard the phrase “there’s an app for that.” If you happen to be a botanist your favorite app may well be iNaturalist. It turns any i-Phone into a tool that can contribute to scientific research and understanding about the natural flora and fauna living all around us. SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray has the story on citizen science and education now taking place in the Black Hills and Badlands with the help of the iNaturalist app.

8th Annual Bio-Tech Summit Coming In September

Aug 23, 2013

The 8th annual Bio-Tech Summit is September 19th, at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls. Paul Thurman, Vice President for Research and Economic Development with the South Dakota Board of Regents, and Mark Luecke at SD Innovation Partners discuss the Bio-Tech economy in South Dakota as well as the future of the industry.

New Study Hoping To Help Breast Cancer Patients

Aug 23, 2013

Keith Miskimins, PhD, Sanford/USD Medical Center/Sanford Research (Sioux Falls), is performing a study that uses metformin to reduce cardiac toxicity in breast cancer patients. The objective of the study is to determine if co-administration of the medications metformin and doxorubicin in breast cancer patients receiving adjuvant therapy will reduce the number of patients who develop a significant change in left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF). He'll also discuss a new grant he's received to further his study.

Ant Diversity And Reconstructed Grasslands

Aug 9, 2013

Entomologist Paul J. Johnson of biology and microbiology and his graduate student, Laura Winkler, are looking at ant diversity to evaluate the health of reconstructed grasslands. They are comparing prairie remnants in the same region with areas that had previously been cropland or pasture but have now been restored to native grasslands for anywhere from one to four years. They refer to ants as "ecosystem engineers." They expect that ant populations will be more diverse in those areas which have been restored for the longest time.

Doctoral student Braden Bills speaks on behalf of associate professor Qi Hua Fan in electrical engineering who has been working to find applications for thin-film technologies developed by the optoelectronics groups at the Center for Advanced Photovoltaics. Fan is finding ways to utilize the thin film technologies that he has developed to produce better solar cells - the material that both reflects and absorbs light and to apply his techniques to the way that computer screens are developed.

Om Perumal, who is the new head of the pharmaceutical sciences department, and assistant professor Hemachand Tummala have developed drug-delivery systems through their work with the Translational Cancer Research Center, one of the most successful of the 2010 Governor Research Centers. Perumal's research focuses on drug-delivery systems for breast, prostate and skin cancer as well as other skin diseases. He has formed a startup company, Tranzderm Solutions, which has had an off-campus lab since 2012 to commercialize his technologies.

Adam Hoppe of the SDSU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department is the project director on the proposal that got $12 million from the state for translational research activity. It's a collaboration among researchers from SDSU, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and the University of South Dakota as well as Sanford Health and Avera Health. They'll use advanced imaging techniques and computation analysis to develop plants that are more productive and disease resistant and will look at ways to use new materials to repair and replace damaged tissues.

Spider Traps And Research

Jul 25, 2013

Brian Patrick is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Dakota Wesleyan University. He's recently completed a study on spider traps and he explains why that matters in spider research.

Science Writer Corey Powell

Jul 25, 2013

Corey Powell, editor at large for Discover Magazine, editor in chief of American Scientist and a freelance reporter for Popular Science, talks about his job and what's fascinating about dark matter and neutrinos. Powell visited South Dakota's Sanford Underground Research Facility recently and plans to write about the experience.

Watch a video version of the Powell interview on YouTube

The Annual CETUP Conference

Jul 25, 2013

We meet three theoretical physicists who were in Deadwood for the annual CETUP conference. CETUP stands for Center for Theoretical Underground Physics and Related Areas. We meet Jason Kumar, Bhaskar Dutta and Kaladi Babu as they discuss studies related to dark matter and neutrinos. Watch the interviews on YouTube.

Neutrino Day 2013

Jul 12, 2013

Bill Harlan, director of communications at the Sanford Underground Research Facility, and Mike Headley, executive director of the Sanford Lab, talked about Neutrino Day happening Saturday, July 13.  This year marks the Lab's sixth annual free science festival.  Events are scheduled to take place all over the city of Lead.

More here

Large Underground Xenon

Jul 12, 2013

Thailand native Mongol Moongweluwan is a graduate student who is currently working on the large underground xenon (LUX) at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead.  He discussed his work with Innovation host Cara Hetland.

Majorana Experiment

Jul 12, 2013

Steve Elliott, spokesman for the Majorana experiment, joined SDPB News Director Cara Hetland a mile underground at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead for Innovation.  The Majorana experiment is an ultra-low background search for neutrinoless double-beta decay.  Elliott is also a fellow at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.