Cold Brook Burn Jumps Lines To Become Wildfire

Apr 14, 2015

The Cold Brook Fire at Wind Cave National Park has now burned about 6,500 acres.   

That number includes the 1,000 acre controlled burn ignited on Monday morning in the park.    

At about one o’clock Monday afternoon a gust of wind stirred up a dust devil that carried embers over the fire lines and into dry grasses.  Crews then lost control of the burn.

Today the Black Hills is under a Red Flag Warning, this means warmer temperatures and high winds that can fan the flames and make firefighting difficult.

Credit Great Plains Fire Information @GPFireInfo

Tom Farrell with Wind Cave National Park says last night crews were able to get a line around about 80 percent of the fire.  Today he says crews are back burning.  This is where firefighters start a smaller fire ahead of the main burn.

“We’re trying to burn up the fuel between a nice hard anchor like a road and where the active fire is burning so when the active fire comes and hits the back burn there is no fuel and it does off,” says Farrell.  

The wind has blown smoke from the fire into Rapid City and parts of the Black Hills. Many areas are hazy with some reduced visibility closer to the fire.   Officials note that anyone with repertory problems should take necessary precautions.