"Changing Lands, Changing Hands"

Jul 23, 2013

As older farmers retire, their land will change hands, but who takes over and how that happens will reshape the agriculture industry. NET News and Harvest Public Media examine changing trends in land ownership and what they mean to farm families and rural communities in "Changing Lands, Changing Hands," airing Friday at 9:00 pm Central on SDPB-TV. In addition to the 30-minute television special, a five-part radio series airs daily on SDPB Radio this week addressing issues such as aging farmers, transferring land, baby boomers beginning to farm, how the aging of rural America changes towns and communities and what young people think about farming. NET News also visits with agricultural economists, psychologists and attorneys who advise farmers of all ages about farming, owning land and passing it along to the next generation of farmers.

NET News reporter/producer Grant Gerlock