140th Anniversary of Custer's Black Hills Expedition Observed

Sep 2, 2014

In 1874, the U.S. Government sent General George Custer on an expedition into the Black Hills to find a location for a new army fort and investigate the area’s natural resources. The confirmation of gold drew thousands of whites into the Black Hills in violation of the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie which granted ownership of the Black Hills to the Lakota people.

George Armstrong Custer (left center in light clothing) leads a military expedition into the Black Hills of Dakota Territory in 1874

The Custer County Historical Society observes the 140th anniversary of the Custer expedition on Saturday, September 6 in the Custer High School Theater. The presentation includes a close look at photographs and historic artifacts along with stories from the expedition with Paul Horsted, Ernest Grafe and Jon Nelson, authors of two books about the Custer Expedition, Exploring with Custer, and Crossing the Plains with Custer.

Paul Horsted joined Dakota Midday and discussed the 1874 Black Hills Expedition and the Saturday event. For more information, click here.