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Dr. Thury: Unlikely that a more lethal strain of COVID is coming

This interview is from SDPB's daily public-affairs show, In the Moment, hosted by Lori Walsh.

Chinese authorities are reporting a new, fast-spreading variant of COVID-19.

Chad Thury is a family medicine physician with Avera Health.

He says viruses like COVID typically spread faster as they evolve, but also become less lethal.

“I think the likelihood of getting a strain that’s much more lethal and spreads faster would be less likely, but we just need to find out over time—but we’ve had two years of dealing with this, so I think we’re ready to take on what comes and adapt as we need to."

The number of South Dakotans actively infected with COVID-19 has fallen to about 3,000.

The latest report from the state Department of Health includes six new deaths, bringing the state’s toll to 2,859.

There are 88 people with COVID in South Dakota hospitals.