In the Moment ... February 14, 2018 Show 277 Hour 2

Head to the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Mountain Time to meet not one, but six versions of Chase Padgett's musical vision.

His stage show is called "Six Guitars." He joins us to talk about the show.

In The Moment ... February 13, 2018 Show 276 Hour 1

Kid Dakota is the musical moniker of Darren Jackson. His albums include: So Pretty (2002), The West is the Future (2004), A Winner's Shadow (2008), and Listen to the Crows As They Take Flight (2011).

His new CD, Denervation, was released on February 10th. Jackson plays in South Dakota this month:

Feb 17 at Total Drag Records in Sioux Falls

Feb 23 at The Brickyard Community Arts Center in Madison


Chynna Lockett

In The Moment ... February 9, 2018 Show 274 Hour 1

For this week's Moment in Sound we welcome Anna Robins. Her new release is called "Chronicle."

You can join her at Racing Magpie in Rapid City on February 9 for a an album release party at 5 p.m.

She's also one of the forces behind the Singing Doe Workshop and Showcase, coming up March 3 in Rapid City.

Jim McKinney came to South Dakota State University in 1975 and was SDSU's band director from 1983 until his retirement in 2009. Hundreds and more likely thousands of student musicians followed McKinney's lead in concerts and other performances in South Dakota and around the nation.

Chuck Anderson interviewed McKinney in November of 1992. They talked about filling the ranks of SDSU's large marching band, "The Pride of the Dakotas."

Students seeking music scholarships must perform well in auditions before the entire SDSU music faculty.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... January 25, 2018 Show 263 Hour 2

Tom Peterson's musical roots in South Dakota run deep. He's been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in the South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His new CD is called "Black Hills Gold." He joined us in the SDPB studios in Vermillion for Moment in Sound.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... January 26, 2018 Show 264 Hour 1

Musician Billy Lurken joined us in the SDPB studios for this week's Moment in Sound. We talk about making music and living life in Mitchell, Scotland, and Nashville.

Eliza Blue

In The Moment ... January 26, 2018 Show 264 Hour 1

Each month, Eliza Blue brings SDPB listeners an audio Postcard from the Prairie. Find more from Eliza at Little Pasture on the Prairie.

In The Moment ... January 25, 2018 Show 263 Hour 2

SDPB's Karl Gerhke is the host of Jazz Nightly. But he's also been bringing you the swinging sounds of the Big Band Era every week on Big Band Spotlight for 25 years.

This week, tune in the SDPB Radio for the first of a two-part 25th Anniversary Big Band Spotlight.
Sunday nights at 9 CST, 8 MT.

In The Moment ... January 12, 2018 Show 255 Hour 1

Singer / songwriter Brian Hoffman joins us for this week's Moment in Sound. We talk about the power of "sad" music, the Sioux Falls music scene, and authenticity in artistry.

In The Moment ... January 9, 2018 Show 252 Hour 2

This Thursday at 7:30 p.m. our next guests present a lecture recital called "I Hear America Singing: Songs from Throughout American History."

We're joined by soprano Marla Fogderud, PhD, and pianist William Wieland, PhD.

In The Moment ... January 8, 2018 Show 251 Hour 2

This week's Images of the Past is a particularly timely look at women in the entertainment industry and the men in power who take advantage of them.

Carolyn Weber is executive director of Deadwood History, Inc. She joins us with a story of singing and scandal during the early Deadwood mining days.

In The Moment ... December 22, 2017 Show 246 Hour 1

Eliza Blue's December Postcard from the Prairie is a look through the fog at a chicken who gathers more than she can use and the message in that for the rest of us.

In The Moment ... December 22, 2017 Show 246 Hour 1

He's one of the most prolific songwriters in South Dakota. J. Waylon Miller (also known as J. Waylon Porcupine) is the principal songwriter and member of the band Friends of Cesar Romero.

Friends of Cesar Romero's latest single is called Postmistress Holiday Blues. For this week's Moment in Sound, we welcome J. Waylon Porcupine to SDPB's Black Hills Bureau in Rapid City.

In The Moment ... December 21, 2017 Show 245 Hour 2

Musician Eric Holm joins us for a Thursday Moment in Sound. He shares some "queer, leftist, country music," and we discuss everything from growing up in South Dakota to finding a unique sound in a NYC neighborhood honky-tonk.

We look back at our favorite music releases of 2017, with audio clips of the most memorable songs curated by three of SDPB's music producers/hosts.

We welcome Steve Zwemke, host of No Cover, No Minimum Radio, Karl Gehrke, host of Jazz Nightly, and SDPB reporter (and occasional music critic) Lee Strubinger.

Karl Gehrke's 2017 picks:


Charly Bliss– Guppy

Alvvays – Antisocialites

The Replacements – For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986 

Waxahatchie– Out in the Storm 


Tony Allen – The Source 

In The Moment ... December 15, 2017 Show 241 Hour 1 

South Dakota's Hailey Steele now lives and makes music in Nashville. She travels the state for the "Christmas in the Country" tour this week. She joins us for live music and recorded music from "Wandering Heart." We talk about everything from her childhood good luck charm to writing songs that break listeners' hearts.

In The Moment ... December 8, 2017 Show 236 Hour 1 

For this week's Moment in Sound we welcome Tammy Yonce, music professor at South Dakota State University. Later this month, she and her flute depart for Israel.

She's taking part in the 2017 Winter Faculty Fellowship Program in Israel, sponsored by the Jewish National Fund and Media Watch International.

In The Moment ... December 5, 2017 Show 233 Hour 1 

The women of Anjelic have been making music together long enough to sell out shows every holiday in South Dakota.

This year, their annual holiday concert is called "A Woman Sits Quietly Beneath."

Three of the six current members of Anjelic join us for a conversation about music and friendship.

In The Moment November 30, 2017 Show 230 Hour 1 

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra presents the Handel's Messiah this Saturday, December 2 at 7 p.m. at First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls.

We're joined by Delta David Gier, Conductor and Music Director, South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, and
James Johnson, Chorusmaster for the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra Chorus for a conversation about a 300-year-old sacred music tradition.

In The Moment ... November 29, 2017 Show 229 Hour 2 

Ted Heeren (Flowerman) and Tom Hurlbert (Oil Can) join us to talk about the Rock Garden Tour's upcoming screening in Sioux Falls this weekend of the "Bad River Road Show." We discuss the creative process and how to be both "noble" and "weird."

In The Moment ... November 29, 2017 Show 229 Hour 1 

Bruce Knowles, conductor of the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra joins us for a preview of the orchestra's Baroque Christmas concert, December 2, 2017.

Spearfish Piano Duets

Nov 29, 2017

In The Moment ... November 29, 2017 Show 229 Hour 1 

Now celebrating its 13th year, the Spearfish Piano Duets have become a South Dakota holiday staple. We're joined by Dr. Janeen Larsen, professor emeritus, Black Hills State University.

The Stockholm Pianos

Nov 20, 2017
Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... November 20, 2017 Show 224 Hour 2

It's a South Dakota town where pianos outnumber people, and it's all because of Steve Misener. You can read about him in the current issue of South Dakota Magazine. We’re joined by Bernie Hunhoff, editor at large, and Steve Misener, piano tuner and collector.

In The Moment ... November 17, 2017 Show 223 Hour 1

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra plays this weekend in the Great Hall of the Washington Pavillion in Sioux Falls. The program includes three featured performers as well as the Brahms Symphony No. 2. We welcome Maestro Delta David Gier and the Symphony's principal clarinet Christopher Hill.

In The Moment ... November 17, 2017 Show 223 Hour 1

For this week's Moment in Sound, we welcome Wanbli Ceya. He's an Oglala Lakota singer/songwriter/spoken word artist based in Pine Ridge. He was nominated for two 2017 Native American Music Awards: Best Pop Recording and Debut Artist of the Year. We talk music, language, and cultural advocacy.

In The Moment ... November 9, 2017 Show 217 Hour 2 

Musician Brendan Gayken joins SDPB's Steve Zwemke to talk about the band Lemmons and their 2017 release "American Television." Gayken plays bass for Lemmons, but he's also an intern at SDPB. We talk about the South Dakota Music scene, experimental and indie music, and artistic collaboration.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... October 31, 2017 Show 210 Hour 2

Friday night you can stop by the National Music Museum in Vermillion to see clarinetist Luis Viquez in concert. That begins at 7 p.m. Viquez is the director of the University of South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. He's the assistant professor of music at USD, director of the concert band.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... October 31, 2017 Show 210 Hour 1

This hour we explore the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. We move ahead now, a century or two, to 1749, when Johann Sebastian Bach completed the monumental "B minor Mass." We welcome Maestro Delta David Gier of the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra and Dr. James Johnson, South Dakota Symphony Orchestra Chorusmaster.

In The Moment ... October 27, 2017 Show 208 Hour 1

Eliza Blue is a singer, a writer, a musician, a mother, and a South Dakotan. You can find her at You can also find her here every month, bringing you a Postcard from the Prairie.

In The Moment ... October 24, 2017 Hour 2

The South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 2018 inductees were announced on Friday. The list includes eight bands along with popular venues, a Huron radio station, a west-river DJ and Lifetime Achievement Awards.  Mylan Ray is a member of the South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and currently serves as the Hall's spokesman. He joins us for a recap. Induction events are going to be held April 13-14, 2018 at the Ramkota Exhibit Hall in Sioux Falls.