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Dakota Midday: Local West African Community Prays to End Ebola


According to the latest report from the World Health Association, more than six thousand people have died of Ebola this year in the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia and  Sierra Leone. Incidences of Ebola in Liberia are stable or declining, but that the transmission of the virus is still intense in Sierra Leone.

On Sunday, December 14 in Sioux Falls, the Economic Community of West African State in South Dakota is holding an intercessory service for Ebola affected nations. It begins at 3 pm at the First Baptist Church.

Cara Hetland talked with Multicultural Community Church pastor Pastor Henry Scere and church members David Adetona and Sam Seakor for Dakota Midday. They said that sending money and material things doesn’t help. What they need most is prayer.

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