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Ukraine Referendums

RT News

After two controversial self-rule referendums, separatists in eastern Ukraine proclaimed the birth of two new sovereign republics.  The pro-Russian organizers in Donetsk and the neighboring region of Luhansk said an overwhelming majority of those who cast their ballots voted for independence.  The U.S., E.U. and the Ukranian national government in Kiev say the referendum was illegitimate and a violation of international law.  Earlier in February, protesters in Kiev ousted Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych.  The crisis in Ukraine has intensified tensions between Russia and the U.S.  Joe Dondelinger, professor of Government and International Affairs/Political Science at Augustana College in Sioux Falls discussed the current situation.  At Augustana, Dondelinger teaches courses in Comparative Politics and International Releations.  His advising interests focus on careers in the foreign service and in international affairs.