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South Dakota snowplow naming contest returns for 3rd year

SD snowplow blizzard of oz
South Dakota DOT
South Dakota DOT
"Blizzard of Oz" was the winning name for the Aberdeen region in the 2021 SDDOT snowplow naming contest.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation’s snowplow naming contest is back.

For the past two years, the DOT has asked South Dakotans to come up with clever names for the snowplows that clear the state’s roads each winter.

“The contest engages people across the state with the SDDOT in a creative, yet meaningful way,” said Transportation Secretary Joel Jundt. “Safety on our roadways is our number one priority, and snowplow operation and winter driving awareness are vital to keeping travelers and our employees safe.”

There are 12 winners chosen each year - one from each DOT district. Past winning names include “Blizzard of Oz,” “Plow Patrol,” and “Thaw Enforcement.”

This year’s contest is open through Nov. 30. You can submit your ideas on the DOT's website.