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South Dakota Joins Anti-Terrorism Campaign

South Dakota is joining a nation-wide campaign to thwart terrorist activity. Citizen participation is the main focus.

South Dakota’s Department of Homeland Security is taking part in the “See Something, Say Something” campaign. Citizens are asked to keep a look out for suspicious behavior and report it to the proper authorities. South Dakota Homeland Security Director Steve Pluta says threats can happen anywhere, including South Dakota.

Pluta says, “It really doesn’t matter where you’re at, with the advent of social media, the radicalization. Pretty much, it’s pretty easy for a lot of these groups not only international terrorist group, but domestic terrorist groups to try and reach out and try to influence someone in a local community to do a horrific act. So, I think this thought process of South Dakota being immune to any sort of violent act, basically doesn’t hold true anymore.

Pluta says he isn’t trying to alarm anyone, but wants the program to be proactive in thwarting terrorist plots. If you see suspicious behavior, call 844-373-7233. The tip line is not meant for emergencies.