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Tiny Desk Concert Contest 2020

Tiny Desk Concert Contest 2020

SDPB chooses our local favorites.

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Artist: Mato Wayuhi + Treehorse, Sioux Falls

Song: “Knots”

Sioux Falls-based Wayuhi and guitarist Jacob Lemme score again after NPR selected their 2018 “Wildberry Poptart” as a Tiny Desk Contest standout.

Slinky, chill, rap-R&B with smooth horns and synth, “Knots” melds musicians recorded in quarantine from L.A. to Philadelphia, but South Dakota ultimately represents: “Yeah, I’m turnin’ Pine Ridge into Fashion Week/Native Americans are the world’s greatest masterpiece.”

Artist: Chris Huisenga, Spearfish

Song: “Homecoming Comets”

“I have got my own orbit, you know/Time gives us the distance to grow”

Mournful reverb and wistful lyrics sung plaintively in Huisenga’s rich voice, “Homecoming Comets” has been on pandemic-repeat for SDPB Marketing Manager Matti Smith.

Artist: Kimberly Kaye, Belle Fourche

Song: “Sing That Song

Blessed with classic country twang and guts, Kaye presents a softer side with this sweet, slower tune.