Yankton's Debate Over Mask Ordinance

Nov 30, 2020
City of Yankton

In The Moment … November 30, 2020 Show 950 Hour 2

The city of Yankton is, like many other communities, in the middle of a debate over a mask ordinance while trying to combat growing COVID-19 statistics.

Let's find out how Yankton's battle is progressing as we welcome their City Manager Amy Leon to the program.

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Having a Baby During COVID is Mostly the Same…

Jun 18, 2020
The Bies family

What is it like to welcome a baby into the world during a pandemic? SDPB's Lura Roti visits with newborn Charlie Bies's parents, grandparents and doctor to find out.

Four-days old in this recording, Charlie Bies won’t understand until he’s much older, but he was born during an unprecedented time. And unlike the experience his big sister, Adelaide had when she was born nearly two years ago, many of those who love him, have not been able to cuddle him yet. 


SDPB News: May 27

May 27, 2020

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Yankton's Plans

Mar 25, 2020

In The Moment ... March 25, 2020 Show 781 Hour 1

SDPB is inviting representatives of cities and counties across South Dakota to join us to discuss the COVID-19 plans for their communities. And we're also asking listeners from those communities what questions they would like to hear answered.  Today we take a look at how COVID-19 is impacting the City of Yankton and Yankton County. Paul Scherschligt is the director of Yankton County Emergency Management​, and Amy Leon is the city manager.  


South Dakota Department of Health

The South Dakota Department of Health has confirmed two cases of mumps in southeastern South Dakota. The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed 30 cases in bordering parts of the state. Many of those Nebraska cases were traced to people attending a wedding. 

Avera Health Communications Coordinator Nathan Johnson says at least one of the mumps cases is in Yankton County, but Avera has not seen any cases at their hospital.


FEMA is closing two disaster recovery centers in Sioux Falls and Yankton on Saturday evening due to a decline in people needing assistance.

Those in the area still in need of aid can request help after Saturday either online or over the phone.

Pam Saulsby is a Media Relations Specialist for FEMA. She says she’s happy so many people get the opportunity to seek aid face-to-face at a recovery center.


In The Moment ... March 14, 2019 Show 535 Hour 1

The weather seems to be varying across South Dakota. Western South Dakota is seeing snow while the southeast is seeing rain. Mark Cotter is the director of the Public Works Department in Sioux Falls, Karl Jegeris is the chief of police in Rapid City and Amy Leon is Yankton's City Manager. They join us today to discuss the particulars of their areas.

Peter Jahns is the director of the Public Works Department for the city of Vermillion.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... March 5, 2019 Show 528 Hour 2

Tomorrow, the Great Plains Writers’ Tour Creativity Symposium on the campus of Mount Marty College in Yankton begins. Bernie Hunhoff is editor-at-large of South Dakota Magazine. His talk is called Finding Creativity in Unlikely Places and begins at 2pm in Marian Auditorium. Author Kent Meyers’ talk, “Some Creative Enigma’s” is at 12pm. Beginning at 7, there’s a panel discussion on creativity.

Dakota Territorial Museum Opens At Mead Building

Jan 29, 2019

In The Moment ... January 28, 2019 Show 503 Hour 2

Several years ago it became obvious that the Dakota Territorial Museum in Yankton was running out of space.

Opportunity came with the resoration of the Mead Building and, last month, the museum reopened in its new location.

Crystal Nelson, executive director of the Dakota Territorial Museum, describes the decade-long journey and continuing work that will see exhibits rolled out over the next few years.

The Great American Read: Jim Reese

Oct 4, 2018

In The Moment ... October 2. 2018 Show 434 Hour 1

The local documentary of The Great American Read “South Dakota Authors & Their Hometowns" premieres tonight at 8:30 p.m. CT on SDPB-TV.


In this special production, SDPB's Andrew Bork and Lori Walsh visit book writers and lovers where they live and work.


Jim Reese, writer, poet and Associate Professor of English at Mount Marty College in Yankton is one of the authors we interviewed for the show.



In The Moment ... September 13, 2017 Show 176 Hour 1

The most successful interplanetary exploration is about to come to an end. Almost everything we know about Saturn we learned from Cassini. And, on September 15, the spacecraft takes its final plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn as scientists place bets on how long Cassini will send data before disintegrating. Tonight on SDPB-TV, you can watch the new NOVA special "Death Dive to Saturn." Joining us with more is producer Paula Apsell.


In The Moment ... August 7, 2017 Show 150 Hour 2


In The Moment ... July 24, 2017 Show 140 Hour 2

South Dakota yoga lovers Gather, Embrace, and Expand this weekend at the 2nd Annual South Dakota Yoga Conference. Joining us now to talk about the event and about South Dakota's thriving yoga community, we welcome Jillian Anawaty and Scottie Bruch.  Find more information here: http://www.sdyogaconference.com/

Producers Withdraw Hog Barn Permits

Jul 12, 2017
Yankton County

The group proposing a concentrated animal feeding operation in the Mission Hill/Gayville area has withdrawn applications to house up to 2,400 hogs.  The Yankton County Planning Commission approved seven permits for operation in June. The County Board of Adjustment asked organizers to provide more information.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The leader of the fundamentalist Mormon church who escaped authorities nearly a year ago is in jail in South Dakota. Officials in Utah say Lyle Jeffs likely faces a felony charge for escaping custody in addition to food stamp fraud charges.

South Dakota authorities discovered Lyle Jeffs Wednesday evening near Yankton. A tip the day before included a description of late model Ford F-150. FBI Special Agent in Charge Eric Barnhart in Salt Lake City says that identified the FLDS leader.

Personalities: Wynn Speece, Our WNAX Neighbor Lady

Jun 8, 2017
Radio 570 WNAX

For 54 years,  the friendly greeting “Hello there, good friends” resonated over WNAX radio waves throughout the Midwest, delivering trusted recipes, words of advice, and Yankton’s most reliable neighbor lady—Wynn Speece.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... April 14, 2017 Show 072 Hour 1

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... March 20, 2017 Show 053 Hour 2

We welcome the first day of Spring with conversations about the Vernal Equinox. First we talk with NASA scientist Yari Collado-Vega with news from NASA about the dance of the solar system as well as a preview of a major astronomical event in August.

We continue the conversation by asking what the vernal equinox has meant throughout history for humanity. Dr. Richard Swanson is with Augustana University's Religion Department.

SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt joins us with an update of the state basketball championships.


In The Moment... February 28, 2017 Show 039 Hour 1

We begin the hour with Adam Grant. He’s the author of "Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World." The book is a New York Times bestseller and NPR and Amazon best book of 2016, now available in paperback. " It’s a conversation about the trailblazers, the ground-breakers, and those among us who re-imagine and re-create everything from technology to their own careers.

Dakota Midday: Images Of The Past / Mead Building

Dec 5, 2016

The current home of Yankton's Cultural Education Center opened in 1909 as the women's receiving hospital at what was known at the time as the Dakota Hospital for the Insane. The building now bears the name of the hospital superintendent who had it built, Dr. Leonard Mead. Laura Beall of Yankton joins Dakota Midday for this week's Images of the Past feature as we explore the intersection between mental health and architecture.

Troy Jones is the new administrator of the Human Services Center in Yankton. The state of South Dakota recently completed a correction plan to address findings from a Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services report. Jones joins Dakota Midday to talk about his vision for HSC and the value of leadership and collaboration going forward. 

Sturgis Rally Economic Boom Is Not Just For Sturgis

Aug 6, 2015
Gary Ellenbolt / South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Officials are expecting as many as one million people at this week’s Sturgis Bike Rally.  This is a great time to be a merchant in the Black Hills, since everyone who attends the rally needs to eat, sleep, and get something to take home for the kids.  But the towns in far West River are not the only ones to benefit from the bikers. 

Gary Ellenbolt

Sixty high school and college baseball players got together in Yankton’s baseball park Thursday.  The athletes are coming together to show the scout and other baseball coaches from area colleges they can play at the next level.

Jesse Kagarise

Last month Yankton business and civic leaders announced a 100 day contest to find the city’s next big idea. The Onward Yankton committee created a website for people to submit their ideas. The person with the winning idea will receive $10,000. The committee wants an idea that has the potential to improve the lives of Yanktonians for generations to come and is something that can realistically be implemented by a city of 15,000 people.

Yankton and the Missouri River

Jul 22, 2014
NPS photo by Linda Gordon Rokosz

Throughout its 157 year history, life in Yankton has centered around the Missouri River. Steamboat traffic on the river helped the town grow after its founding in 1857. But both Yankton and the river have changed over the years, most dramatically with the construction of dams on the Missouri, including the Gavin’s Point Dam west of town. The dams brought an end to navigation, but controlled flooding, generated electricity and created new recreational opportunities, with visitors camping, boating, swimming and fishing at Lewis and Clark Lake.

Yankton became the capital of Dakota Territory in 1861, when the town was only two years old. The designation brought new settlers and businesses and the river town quickly expanded. The original capitol building was two stories, with territory offices on the bottom floor and territorial legislators on the second. In 1883, Yankton lost the territorial capital to Bismarck. And six years later when South Dakota became a state, Yankton tried to become the state’s capital, but lost to Pierre.

Since 1922, Yankton's WNAX radio has broadcast throughout the upper Great Plains with a signal that can reach as far south as Kansas City and as far north as Fargo. During the station’s early days, WNAX was an important connection to the outside world for isolated farm and ranch families throughout the region.

Jesse Kagarise

When English travel writer Fraser Harrison first visited Yankton in May 2011, he wasn’t impressed. His guide book promised a "gem-like historic town," but he was instead disappointed by what seemed to be a rather moribund community.

National Water Trails Designation

Apr 15, 2014
South Dakota Kayak Challenge

The Missouri National Recreation River Water Trail was added to the National Water Trails System last November.  The designation applies to 147 miles of the river between the spillways at Ft.

What Is Multiple Myeloma?

Feb 13, 2014

Former NBC Nightly News anchor and Yankton native Tom Brokaw announced Tuesday that he has been diagnosed with cancer.  In a statement posted on NBCNews.com, Brokaw said he has multiple myeloma, a cancer affecting blood cells in the bone marrow.  Brokaw, who turned 74 last Thursday, said doctors are optimistic about his prognosis.  There is no cure for multiple myeloma, but treatments are available that slow its progression.  Diagnosed in August, Brokaw has continued to do work for NBC, including contributing to the coverage of the Winter Olympic Games.  Sanford Health oncologist Dr.