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The World Health Organization has officially declared “burnout” to be a medical condition.  It has been considered as a workplace issue for a number of years, and experts want employers to change their cultures.

A former NFL coach, Dick Vermeil of the Philadelphia Eagles, left his job due to what he called “burnout.”  It’s defined as a feeling of exhaustion, increased mental distance from a job, and reduced job performance.  Charlene Rymsha is a therapist who focuses on burnout.  She says more business leaders would do well to improve work-life balance for employees.

Report Ranks SD Low On Workplace Family Support

Aug 4, 2016
National Partnership for Women and Families

A new report shows that South Dakota lags behind in support for working parents. The state is one of 12 that received an “F” rating for not expanding upon federal laws for maternity and paternity leave.