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Improving Workforce Development

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Office of Governor Kristi Noem

Governor Kristi Noem is encouraging South Dakota businesses to register for the state’s first Week of Work in April of 2020. The week is a chance for high schoolers to experience local job opportunities through job shadowing and industry tours. 

Jackie Hendry

Lack of housing is one of the biggest challenges in workforce development of rural areas. On Tuesday, Avera Health and the Rural Electric Economic Development Fund announced a housing development partnership. The $10 million fund will give developers incentive to build homes in rural areas with Avera facilities.

The Rural Electric Economic Development (REED) Fund is operated by electric coops that provide financing throughout South Dakota. REED is committing $4 million along with Avera’s $2 million, with plans to grow the housing fund to $10 million.

Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed nearly 20 local legislators to its annual legislative breakfast Thursday morning. The event gives legislators a chance to brief chamber members on their priorities for the legislative session. It also allows the chamber to pose individualized questions to state lawmakers representing the Sioux Falls area. 

Initiated Measure 25 - Mark Mickelson & Steve Westra

Oct 16, 2018
Adria Botella

In The Moment ... October 16. 2018 Show 442 Hour 1

Workforce development is a key topic for lawmakers heading in to the next legislative session. Tuition at the state's technical institutions is high and lawmakers are looking for innovative solutions to keeping rates competitive and keep South Dakota students in-state as we seek to grow a trained workforce.

Initiated Measure 25 proposes increasing the state's tobacco tax as a possible solution.

Rosebud Economic Development Corporation

For the third year in a row, the Rosebud Economic Development Corporation’s business operations are turning a profit. Now REDCO is using some of those profits to provide grants for four college students. 

Wizipan Little Elk is the C-E-O of REDCO.  He says the $2,500 “micro-grants” are a way to invest in the community’s future workforce. The grants are available to enrolled Rosebud tribal members attending college or technical schools for the first time this fall.

Lee Strubinger / SDPB

Demands in the modern day workforce from employers are changing quickly.

Skillsets are changing rapidly, and technology is aiding in that change.

However, a new report from the Western Governor’s Association says the education system is not keeping up with those demands.

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard, along with several other governors from the Western Governor’s Association are releasing a report that takes a look at Daugaard’s key initiative… workforce development.

Jackie Hendry

Every morning behind the Turtle Creek Crossing grocery store just west of Mission, South Dakota, a growing group of young people plants the seeds of a healthier community. The Rosebud Economic Development Corporation—or REDCO—is the largest employer of interns on the Rosebud Reservation. Most of their interns work in the community garden. 

Workforce Is A Priority This Gubernatorial Election

May 17, 2018

As the third of the three major candidates for governor have released their economic initiative, one thing is clear -- they want to keep younger workers in the state, grow current business and attract new jobs.

Each plan for achieving those goals differ.

All three major gubernatorial candidates agree workforce development is a must, but they differ slightly in how to approach the issue.

Democratic candidate State Senator Billie Sutton says he’d like the state to encourage Career and Technical education grants for programs like one in his hometown.

Internships, Industry, and Keeping SD Grads Local

May 11, 2018
Lori Walsh

Education and workforce development are increasingly intertwined. About 60% of South Dakota graduates stay in the state after they finish their degree.   Partly to encourage that trend, Governor Dennis Daugaard has established partnerships between universities and industry. SDPB’s Jackie Hendry looks at two schools in western South Dakota: one setting the stage for a growing tech economy, and the other responding to community needs.


South Dakota lawmakers are rejecting the governor’s bill to allow a temporary license for practicing professionals who move from another state.

House Bill 1319 would establish compacts with several western states to grant licensed professionals a temporary license to work while they work toward accreditation in the member state they just moved to.

But the bill dies in the house.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... February 6, 2018 Show 271 Hour 2

South Dakota Senate Minority Leader Billie Sutton joins us from Pierre for a look at legislation he supports regarding campaign finance reform, open government, and education.

In The Moment ... January 23, 2018 Show 261 Hour 1

Scott Stern serves as the Commissioner of the Governor's Office of Economic Development and is a member of the Governor's Executive Committee.

Stern is a Freeman native and a graduate of the University of South Dakota. For 29 years, he worked with Stern Oil Company of Freeman, including 14 years as vice president and general manager.

He joins us for a look at the agency's 2018 legislative priorities.

In The Moment ... January 22, 2018 Show 260 Hour 2

South Dakota Governor Dennis Dauggard joins In the Moment for a conversation about the SDSU Precision Ag Facility, his support of newly-appointed Secretary of Education Don Kirkegaard, and the need for apprenticeship programs in South Dakota.

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard delivers his final State of the State address to a joint session of lawmakers. He discusses workforce development, teacher salaries and extending the Open Waters Compromise.

DSU Media Relations

A partnerships between four state organizations is working to provide continuing educational opportunities in computer sciences for a broader range of students. The South Dakota Partnership for Student Success--or SDPaSS--blends workforce training with classroom learning.

In The Moment ... November 28, 2017 Show 228 Hour 1

The Workforce Housing Task Force is sending six bills to the legislature for consideration next session. The group was tasked with figuring out ways the state can help South Dakota communities develop affordable housing in rural areas. SDPB’s Lee Strubinger has the report.


South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard says he expects to hear from the federal government about a state-funded Small Business Investment Company license.

Daugaard says that state-sponsored company will provide investments in early stage startups in South Dakota. The company is called Enterprise 605.

Daugaard says it’s a source of dollars will give fledgling South Dakota companies some extra help.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... August 22, 2017 Show 161 Hour 1

Mike Diedrich is VP Governmental Affairs from Regional Health. He joins us to discuss the future of healthcare in South Dakota, implications of the Affordable Care Act, and more.

Pierre Starts Work Interns

Aug 13, 2015

The city of Pierre is putting together an internship program for high school students. The program hopes to help solve a local workforce shortage.

Pierre has received a grant to help the city’s workforce development. The city plans to recruit students from Riggs High School and the Stanley County School District right as they’re graduating. The program targets students that don’t plan to go to college and connects them with local business leaders.  Pierre Mayor Laurie Gill says the project hopes to do more than just give students a job.

Sioux Falls voters get to decide Tuesday whether public schools must start after Labor Day. A vote NO forces the district to schedule the first day of class after the holiday. A vote YES supports the approved calendars, which start in mid- to late-August.

Parent Wendy McDonnel says she would rather have time in August than the second half of May, when she says it’s still chilly outside.

Econ Prof. Analyzes State Workforce Plans

Sep 4, 2014
Lake Area Technical Institute

The governor is promoting new strategies to enhance the strength of South Dakota's workforce, but not everyone thinks the state should be active in connecting job seekers with employers. This week Governor Dennis Daugaard revealed findings from South Dakota Wins workforce summits, and he lays out a plan for the state to strengthen South Dakota’s workers and businesses.

Secretary Marcia Hultman leads the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation. She says it’s time for the state to help businesses fill openings with skilled workers.

SD Workers Lack Skills for Open Jobs

Jan 31, 2014

South Dakota leaders are trying to find ways to get unemployed residents into jobs. But, officials say the difficulty is finding workers with the right skills.

House Minority Leader Bernie Hunhoff says the workforce shortage is caused by an opportunity gap. He says poor individuals don't have the same opportunities for workforce development or post-secondary education. Hunhoff says individuals who are able to go to college often move to another state.