Tech Effects Of So Many Working From Home

5 hours ago
SDN Communications

In The Moment ... March 12, 2020 Show 772 Hour 1

So you've been asked to work from home, study from home, communicate with loved ones from home. Does South Dakota have the online infrastructure to help the economy keep going during a pandemic? How do you get up and running with online work or school quickly and efficiently?  Jake VanDewater is vice president of engineering, operations & IT at SDN Communications. He's with us to walk us through some of the basics.   

Grant Promotes Physical Activity at Work

Aug 2, 2015

South Dakota businesses who want to give their employees a chance to be physically active throughout the day can apply for a Steps to Wellness Grant. Funded by the Department of Health, the grant is awarded to 10 businesses across the state. Work sites then receive training to create strategies to promote physical activity in the workplace. 

A grant worth more than $12,000 is helping an area organization that empowers women. Dress for Success Sioux Falls is preparing to host an eight-week program that helps women who are unemployed or underemployed prepare for career opportunities.

Dress for Success is known globally for its mission to provide women who are economically disadvantaged professional attire so they are physically prepared for the job search. But Lori Strasburg says people don’t always realize the program is about more than blazers and dress pants.

Co-Working Spaces

Feb 18, 2014

As the number of "independent workers" continues to increase, co-working spaces are popping up around the country.  Co-working spaces are a place where people, who used to work at home, can move back into an office - but it's not necessarily the old concept of what defines an office.  Kim Bartling is with Meso in Sioux Falls.  Matt Eihlman and Peter Anderson have started "The Garage" in Rapid City.  They are entrepreneurs who have started up new co-working spaces in South Dakota.

Employment Works Task Force Report

Feb 13, 2014

Governor Dennis Daugaard's Employment Works Task Force has completed its final report for employing South Dakotans with disabilities.  Daugaard announced his Employment Works Initiative in the spring of 2013, and a task force was created last July to help guide his efforts.  The report has five prevailing recommendations which were discussed by Gloria Pearson, Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Human Services.

Tribal Members Are "Workin' With Tradition"

Oct 29, 2013
South Dakota Indian Business Alliance

More than 20 tribal members from reservations across South Dakota have been certified as instructors in the “Workin‘ with Tradition” training program. The goal of the program is to help individuals in rural Native American communities prepare for successful employment.

South Dakota Indian Business Alliance spokesperson Stacey LaCompte says dealing with the mainstream mindset of employment has been difficult for most Native Americans.

LaCompte says the reservation system set up by the federal government discouraged economic self-sufficiency for several generations.