Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Many teachers spend their summers preparing for class by attending seminars, plotting lesson plans, and incorporating technology into coursework. Yet one instructor in Sioux Falls goes dumpster diving. Meet a longtime woods teacher who is not afraid to plunge into his work.

Bob Darkow’s classroom is so typical it’s borderline boring. He has scrawled the classes he teaches in black marker on a white board attached to a beige cinderblock wall. Dark blue plastic chairs rest under school desks grouped in pods of four. A shiny, wooden rectangular box sits on one surface.

Dakota Midday: Wood Shock

Feb 18, 2016

Wood Shock is an antiquated term used in the late 19th century to classify a person who is genuinely lost in the wilderness.  Artist Bryan Christiansen has adopted the terminology to expand on themes of hunting and nature in his latest exhibition at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City.  Wood Shock is a collection of freestanding sculptures and wall-mounted assemblages that pursue points of intersection between humans, their environments and proximity to nature.  Wood Shock opens Friday and is on display through May