Ashley Podhradsky Talks Young Women In STEM

Nov 3, 2020

In The Moment … November 3, 2020 Show 934 Hour 2

National STEM day is this Sunday. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Ashley Podhradsky is an Associate Professor of Digital Forensics and Associate Dean of the Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences at Dakota State University. She believes that it's important for young women to pursue careers in these fields. On Saturday, professor Podhradsky continues to share that message of importance at a national virtual event. 

Suffrage In South Dakota

Aug 19, 2020

During this centennial year of ratification of the 19th Amendment, SDPB is telling the history of suffrage in South Dakota. The right for women’s voices to be heard in the public square and at the ballot box changed nearly every aspect of American life and American history forever. Throughout the year, we’ve welcomed historians and vanguards to talk about the journey to suffrage and its impact right here at home.


In The Moment … July 21, 2020 Show 863 Hour 1

This year we as a country celebrate the ratification of the 19th amendment allowing women the right to vote. We have paired that with introducing you to and getting to know some of the influential women that South Dakota has to offer. Today we welcome Madonna Thunder Hawk and Marcella Gilbert.

Suffrage In South Dakota With Liz Almlie

Jul 14, 2020
James & Bushnell, Seattle; restored by Adam Cuerden - United States Library of Congress's Manuscript Division

In The Moment … July 14, 2020 Show 858 Hour 1

During this centennial year of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which assured that women the United States have a right to vote, SDPB has embarked on a project to tell the history of suffrage in South Dakota.  Today we talk about some of the women who made it happen. For that conversation, welcome Liz Almlie, Historic Preservation Specialist with the South Dakota State Historical Society.  

In The Moment … June 17, 2020 Show 840 Hour 1

For more on the challenges of welcoming a new baby into your family during the pandemic, we welcome Karla Salem, CSW-PIP, to the program. She is a behavioral health expert with the Sanford Women's Plaza. 

Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Task Force

Jun 11, 2020

In The Moment … June 11, 2020 Show 836 Hour 1 The Administration for Native Americans is an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It provides grants for community projects and other resources that promote self-sufficiency.  Jeannie Hovland is Commissioner of the Administration for Native Americans. She's from South Dakota and an enrolled member of the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe. She talked with me last week about her work with the ANA and her role in the White House task force examining the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous people. 

Influential Women in SD: Karen Mortimer

Jun 2, 2020

In The Moment … June 2, 2020 Show 829 Hour 2

During this centennial year of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which assured that women the United States have a right to vote, SDPB has embarked on a project to tell the history of suffrage in South Dakota.  We're also looking at the results of that change in today's South Dakota by visiting with women who used their influence to change their communities and change our lives.  Today we welcome Karen Mortimer with the MOA Ambassadors. 

South Dakota Suffrage Profile: Marietta M. Bones

May 12, 2020
Marietta M. Bones – Courtesy: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

In The Moment … May 12, 2020 Show 815 Hour 2

Billie Sutton & Heather Krause

Feb 24, 2020

In The Moment ... February 24, 2020 Show 759 Hour 1

Heather Krause believes that celebrating women in your community starts with showing up to support them. She's joining us today to talk about the Women's Day of Service. Heather is part of the inaugural class of the Billie Sutton Leadership Institute, a nonpartisan organization devoted to leadership development in South Dakota. Founder Billie Sutton joins us on the phone.  


In The Moment ... December 5, 2019 Show 713 Hour 1

Influential SHE Podcast

Sep 30, 2019
Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... September 30, 2019 Show 669 Hour 1

It's a podcast that takes a fresh look at a perennial conversation. Deb Soholt and Mel Schopp have launched a new podcast called Influential SHE as part of their new business by the same name. They want to help women increase their influence in ways they didn't understand when they started their own careers and families. Find just a sprinkling of experience from the two women behind Influential SHE.

In The Moment ... March 14, 2019 Show 535 Hour 2

The story has been told in the same fashion for over a century, but Sally Roesch Wagner's book The Women's Suffrage Movement gives voice to the women left out of the history books.

The author, Sally Roesch Wagner, grew up in Aberdeen.

DSU Media Relations

Computer science has tended to be a male-dominated field, but Dakota State University is seeing a shift in the numbers. The school has seen a nearly 300% increase in female computer and cyber science majors over the last five years. 

The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences at DSU includes majors like cyber operations and network security and administration. Five years ago, 26 undergraduate students in the Beacom College were women. By 2017 there were just over a hundred.

In The Moment ... January 29, 2018 Show 265 Hour 2

The voices of women continue to resonate in American politics, business, and the entertainment industry. But are we speaking out about how women are represented in medical research?

The FDA has launched a "Diverse Women in Clinical Trials Campaign." We're joined by Lora Black, Senior Director of Clinical Research at Sanford Health.

Victoria Wicks

In The Moment ... April 5, 2017 Show 065 Hour 1

Can understanding algorithms change your life for the better? Ali Allmosawi is the creator of "An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments." His new book is called "Bad Choices: How Algorithms Can Help You Think Smarter and Live Happier. He joins us to talk about using the fundamentals of problem solving to lead you to better choices every day.

University of South Dakota

A research conference covering topics like transgender rights and gender based violence starts Mar. 22 on the campus of the University of South Dakota.

Hosted by USD's women, gender and sexuality program, this year's theme, "Cultures of Change" includes a lecture by a man who witnessed a drive by mass shooting that targeted women.

In 2014, Siavash "Vash"  Zohoori, a student at the University of California - Santa Barbara, was out on his bike getting food.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Participants in the Women's March in Sioux Falls have different reasons for demonstrating. Some say it's political; others say the gathering was not about how a person votes. Others say they gain inspiration from being around people who stand up for women's rights, gay rights, Native American rights, and more. In this discussion, SDPB's Kealey Bultena talks with In The Moment's Lori Walsh.


Gary Enright of the 1881 Courthouse Museum in Custer discusses Anna Donna Tallent in this week's Images of the Past segment. Tallent was the first school teacher and first white woman in the Black Hills. Her entrance into the then-forbidden Black Hills tells the story of how people of all backgrounds transcended their differences in order to seek riches in during the gold rush.


New York Times best selling author Dava Sobel visits about her new book, The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of Harvard Observatory Took the Measures of the Stars. It chronicles the relatively unknown, unexpected and remarkable contributions to astronomy made by a group of women working in the Harvard College Observatory from the late 1800's through the mid-1900's.


Dr. Emily Wanless of Augustana University and Dr. Sara Lampert of the University of South Dakota are part of a Wednesday panel discussion, "Gender and Politics: What Does the 2016 Election Tell Us?" The event features six experts from media, communications and political science. They'll discuss the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, accusations of her lack of stamina and how American politics pivots to accommodate its first female presidential candidate from a major party. Wednesday's discussion begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Al Neuharth Media Center on the USD campus.

Janice Law founded the American Women Writers National Museum to showcase America's top-tier women writers. Law is a retired Texas criminal court judge, a 14-year print journalist, a travel columnist and the author of six books. Her most recent book, American Evita: Lurleen Wallace, was released last year. Law appeared at this year's SD Festival of Books in Brookings.

Kenzie Wagner / SDPB

Some of the Women inductees into the South Dakota Hall of Fame are coming together to share stories and strategies.  The group hopes to find ways to better the lives of young people in the state, especially young women.

Eight South Dakota Hall of Fame inductees from around the state brainstormed ideas on how to promote women’s empowerment in today’s world.

Pat Lebrun, a 2013 Hall of Fame inductee, agrees that there are ways to promote leadership in young women but also stresses the importance of self-reliance.

Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

The U.S. Supreme Court has reinstated the conviction of a domestic abuser in Indian Country. A USD law professor says the case highlights the disparity between the right to counsel for Native and non-Native offenders. In tribal court, Native Americans aren’t guaranteed the right to an attorney, like they are in state and federal court.

Officials with the South Dakota Highway Patrol are trying to recruit more women. Currently in the state there are five female troopers and two in training. Seminars are planned in June for women to learn about the agency. Trooper Deanna  Johnson says the goal is to show that women can be successful in the Highway Patrol.

Rapid City Police Work To Increase Force Diversity

Apr 18, 2016

In Rapid City the police force is made up primarily of Caucasian men. Police officials want the force to better reflect the diversity in the community.

Informed Consent Abortion Bill Passes

Mar 7, 2016
Charles Michael Ray

House Bill 1157 has cleared the state legislature.

The measure requires medical doctors to inform a woman who is undergoing a drug-induced abortion that she can stop the procedure by not taking a second pill. 

Marco Werman

PRI's The World has launched an ambitious two-week multimedia initiative taking to the internet, the airwaves and social media with a groundbreaking look at a new generation of women fighting for civil rights around the globe.  Julia Barton, senior editor in charge of planning for "Across Women's Lives," joined guest host Cara Hetland to discuss The World's special coverage of gender equality and the role of women in society.  PRI's The World can be heard weekdays at 3:00 p.m. Central on SDPB Radio.

Banjo Babes

Aug 28, 2015

Banjo Babes is a grass roots collective of professional women banjo players organized by California banjo chanteuse Erin Inglish.  The Banjo Babes release a calendar and album every year to celebrate the music of the women who play the instrument.  The Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City hosted Banjo Babes Erin Inglish and Jami Lynn along with Mary Temple in February in the Bruce H. Lien Cultural Cafe. 

Photography Project Showcases Natural Beauty

Aug 19, 2015
Holly Davidson Photography

A photography display called 'The Truth in Beauty' is on display tonight in downtown Sioux Falls. 

Four women are coming together to make a statement: that everyone is beautiful. Chelsea Tracy is the owner of Chelsea’s Boutique in downtown Sioux Falls. The ‘Truth in Beauty' project featured in her store is a fundraiser for Dress for Success. 

Tracy says she wanted to be part of the project after photographer Holly Davidson realized that women shouldn’t have to wear layers of makeup and accessories to feel beautiful.

Why Women Are Riding Motorcycles

Aug 7, 2015
Chynna Lockett

  The 75th Sturgis Rally brought riders of all types to the Black Hills. Women and men drove motorcycles in pairs as well as separately. But the idea of a woman riding a motorcycle alone isn’t something that comes up in conversation often.

Pepper Massey is a female rider and an honorary member of the motorcycle club Wind and Fire. She said the story of motorcycling is frequently told from a male perspective.