Winter Storm

Interstate 29 Re-Opens

Mar 6, 2018

State Officials Opening I-29; I-90 Remains Closed


PIERRE, S.D. – Officials with the South Dakota Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Safety have opened Interstate 29, north and southbound, from North Dakota to Iowa.


I-29 was closed border to border Monday (3/5) night at 6:30 p.m.


Interstate 90 remains closed from Murdo to Sioux Falls, both east and westbound.


6A CT/5A MT Newscast

Mar 6, 2018

Interstate 90 Closed From Murdo Exit 192 to Mitchell Exit 332;

Travel Caution Due to Strong Winds and Blowing Snow

State officials have closed Interstate 90 between Murdo Exit 192 to Mitchell Exit 332 both east and westbound lanes.

National Weather Service /

Much of South Dakota will face very serious weather conditions over the next couple of days.  Counties in  the southeast have a Blizzard Warning, a Winter Storm Warning, and a Winter Weather Advisory to run Monday and Tuesday, March 5th and 6th.  Alex Ferguson with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls says the pattern that brought 50-degree temperatures to his forecast area and threatens heavy snow a day or two later.

Severe Weather Affecting Travel In Western, Central SD

Feb 18, 2018
National Weather Service

A large section of the Northern Plains is under a Winter Storm Warning for Sunday, February 18th and Monday, February 19th.  The South Dakota Department of Transportation has issued a No Travel Advisory, effective 12:25 MST, for Interstate 90 from the Wyoming border to Exit 110 near Wall.  Other advisories or closings could take place as a result of this system.

Christmas Day Storm Leaves Thousands Without Power

Dec 27, 2016
Jared Fosheim / South Dakota Department of Transportation

South Dakotans faced man sized snow drifts, icy roads, freezing temperatures and even some thunder and lightning on Christmas Day.
Governor Dennis Daugaard declared a state of emergency after a winter storm left motorists stranded and downed power lines.
Brenda Kleinjan with South Dakota Rural Electric Association says around 20,000 people were left without power. As of last night, Kleinjan says power has been restored to about 14,000.  

Dakota Midday: Winter Storm's Effect

Dec 3, 2015

State Climatologist Dennis Todey joined guest host Cara Hetland to discuss this week's winter storm and its effect on the soil and winter wheat.  Todey also visited about El Nino and weather cycles.

The east to northeast part of South Dakota is still expected to get snow, but the National Weather Service claims it won’t be as much as originally projected in some areas. Meteorologist Troy Kleffman is with the National Weather Service in Aberdeen. He says dry air in the northeast area is causing experts to downgrade the storm.

The National Weather Service is still projecting a strong snow storm in the southeast portion of South Dakota tonight and to continue into tomorrow morning. Meteorologist Kyle Weisser with the National Weather Service says the system has shifted its course a bit but large amounts of snowfall are still expected.

"There will be an access of somewhat heavier snow that should stretch from around Vermillion to Canton to Luverne, just a bit southeast of Sioux Falls. But the Sioux Falls area is still looking at about five to seven inches of snow," Weisser says.

The city of Sioux Falls is planning for snow fall around the six to eight inches mark. Galynn Huber is the Street Fleet Manager of Public Works for the City of Sioux Falls. He says there’s already crews prepared to tackle this winter storm. Huber says the clean up plan is a little different with this one, because of the warmer temps expected over the weekend.

The forecast calls for warmer temperatures near the weekend allowing for recent snow to melt.  Meteorologist Dave Hintz with the National Weather Service says he doesn't expect the snow to stick around too long.

Snow is falling in the western part of South Dakota but most of the east is clear. Dave Hintz (Hints) is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Aberdeen. He says the storm is moving slowly right now in Aberdeen, Watertown and Sioux Falls.

"What is going on is the low pressure system has slowed a little bit with its ejection coming out of Colorado-Nebraska and this has allowed more warm and dry air to kind of punch into the eastern part of South Dakota. So things are setting up a little slower then what we had previously thought they would be," Hintz says.


US Representative Kristi Noem says she is continuing to make progress in re-opening the government. She has plans to visit the white house on Thursday to speak with the President.

The Government shutdown is now in its second week, and in the views of the American public, little progress seems to have been made at this point. Noem says it’s very important for President Obama to communicate at this critical time.