Wild Idea Buffalo


In The Moment ... April 11, 2017 Show 069 Hour 1

Dan O’Brien and his wife, Jill, created Wild Idea Buffalo Company in 1997 with the mission of preserving the Great Plains by returning buffalo to their native habitat. O’Brien is the author of novels and memoirs, including “Buffalo for the Broken Heart: Restoring Life to a Black Hills Ranch.” He speaks at Augustana University tonight in Sioux Falls. His presentation is “Buffalo, Baby Boomers and Beyond: Toward a More Sustainable Use of North American Grasslands.”

Food Network Says Wild Idea Is A Great Idea

Sep 5, 2013

A South Dakota buffalo ranch is being featured on the Food Network.  The Wild Idea Buffalo ranch outside of Rapid City was chosen as the location for one of the Network’s latest challenges – the “Great Food Truck Race”.

Jill O’Brien and her husband Dan own the Wild Idea ranch. She says the Food Network chose to film at their ranch because they liked the fact that the Wild Idea buffalo are one-hundred percent grass-fed, free-roaming, and are harvested in the field.

O’Brien says she was happy to have the Food Network crew.