South Dakota Ranks Top Five In Volunteering

Nov 16, 2016
Corporation for National and Community Service

South Dakota now ranks 4th in the nation for volunteer work.

A federal study estimates more than 35 percent of South Dakotans are involved in formal volunteering or charity work.

The Corporation for National and Community Service conducts an annual study about volunteerism across the county.  Last year South Dakota ranked 10th in the nation for volunteerism, this year the state made the top five.  

Governor Dennis Daugaard says the study affirms what he and many South Dakotans already know.

Philanthropy And Voluntarism In American Society

Feb 19, 2014

Philanthropy and voluntarism have played a unique role in the development of American society, but Americans have always been uneasy about the influence of great private wealth on public policy. Eric John Abrahamson, co-author of the new book Democracy and Philanthropy, is principal historian and founder of Vantage Point Historical Services. He'll talk about this tension in American history and lead a general discussion of the role of philanthropy in South Dakota and the United States today this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. in the Wells Fargo Theater at The Journey Museum.