Lori Walsh

Almost two hours before the president's arrival, a lone protester stood on the intersection of Russell Street and West Avenue. She wore  a Nike brand tank top, and her sign echoed the recent controversial Nike ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.

Ashley, who preferred not to give her last name or have her photo taken, drove from Brookings because she wanted to make her voice heard. She explained the Nike ad was an inspiration to her to speak out on the things she thinks are wrong with the country right now.

Tribal Residents Cheer President Obama

Jun 16, 2014
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public Broadcasting

President Obama made his first visit to Indian Country. 

The president attended a small outdoor pow-wow in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, on the Standing Rock Reservation.    
President Obama reaffirmed his commitment in maintaining a positive relationship with tribes and offers new plans to overhaul tribal education and to improve economic development in Indian Country.
Many tribal residents welcome his visit  and hope his promises are kept.