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A new episode of Dakota Life includes everything from a World War II aircraft to South Dakota's love of chislic.

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GF&P Proposes Extending Trap Check Time

Sep 16, 2019
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South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

Game Fish and Parks officials are proposing an extension to trap check times for trappers east of the Missouri River.

The change would make check times three and a partial day across the entire state. Currently, east river check times are two and a partial day.

Keith Fisk is the Wildlife Damage Program administrator with Game Fish and Parks. He says the proposals makes check times consistent across the state.


In the Moment ... September 4, 2019 Show 651 Hour 1

From trapping to non-meandering waters, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission has a full agenda for this week's meetings in Spearfish. The meetings are being held at the Holiday Inn Convention Center.

South Dakota GF&P Deputy Secretary Kevin Robling joins In The Moment with a preview.

GF&P Seeking Comment On Trap Check Times

Aug 14, 2019
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South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks is seeking public input on shortening the timespan a trapper must check active traps.

Those proposing a reduced trap time say trapping is only regulated on the honor system.

One trapper says it’s part of a constant pressure to eliminate trapping.

Currently, the rules for checking a trap are about three days West River and about two days East River The new rule requires trappers check a trap or snare every 24 hours.

Josh Haiar

In The Moment ... August 6, 2019 Show 631 Hour 2

South Dakota is home to many species of furbearing animals. Trapping furbearers not only serves as a recreational pastime - it's a valuable tool for wildlife management that also allows sportsmen and women an opportunity to experience the outdoors.

Mark Steck of Dakotaline Snares shares insight into his life as a trapper in South Dakota.

Trapping Check Time Reduction Moves To Public Comment

Jul 8, 2019
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South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

The South Dakota Game Fish and Parks commission is advancing a proposal to shorten check times for trappers.

Supporters of the changes say current trap check times are excessive.

Now, trappers have more than three full calendar days west river and two full calendar days east river to check and traps and snares.

The Game, Fish and Parks commission is moving forward a proposal that reduces the trap check time to 24 hours.

SD GF&P Opens Trapping On Public Land

Jun 28, 2019
cuatrok77 / flickr

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks is reopening public land to trapping, as part of the state’s Nest Predator Bounty Program.
But one western South Dakota conservation group opposes the program and hopes to reform the state’s trapping rules.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... April 4, 2019 Show 549 Hour 1

South Dakota's self-described Sportsman in Chief is reaching out to state outdoor lovers, seeking support for a pheasant habitat initiative. But the details of Governor Kristi Noem's free trap giveaway is alienating many who find the initiative short-sighted and inefficient.

SDPB's Kevin Woster has been following the topic. You can read his latest blog post at

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... March 21, 2019 Show 540 Hour 1

Kevin Woster joins us to discuss a recent predator trap initiatve from Governor Noem's office.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... April 12, 2018 Show 314 Hour 1

Should the use of game snares on public land be restricted in South Dakota? If you're a trapper, you might have one opinion. If you've had to untangle a snare from around the neck of your hunting dog, you might have another.

SDPB's Kevin Woster writes about the topic this week on his blog On the Other Hand.