News: Jan 18 - 24

Jan 24, 2020

In this week's news, a panel of SDPB reporters discuss what they have been covering during the legislative session. The South Dakota Farm Bureau Federation President joins us to talk about trade, USMCA, and how South Dakota looks to benefit. And the Dakota Political Junkies joined Lori for a look at South Dakota's top political headlines.

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Congressman Johnson Discusses Impeachment

Dec 27, 2019

Dusty Johnson was elected to Congress during a turbulent time in American history. Months later he would vote no as the U.S. House of Representatives debated articles of impeachment for President Donald Trump.

Congressman Johnson sits down with SDPB's Lori Walsh for an in-depth conversation about impeachment. He also discusses the passage of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, the National Defense Authorization Act, and his plan for addressing the high cost of prescription drugs in America. 

Bob Burns: China Town Hall

Nov 18, 2019

In The Moment ... November 18, 2019 Show 701Hour 2

This evening at 5 at the Daktronics Headquarters building in Brookings, the South Dakota World Affairs Council and the National Committee on United States-China Relations is hosting China Town Hall. This two-part program will examine the issues between the U.S. and China in politics, security, and trade. Bob Burns is the chairperson for the SD World Affairs Council.

News: Nov 2 - 8

Nov 8, 2019

Reservations are struggling to fix flood-damaged roads.

One South Dakota lawmaker says the state needs to fulfill the financial promises of a 2013 criminal justice reform package.

Death row inmate Charles Russell Rhines was executed by lethal injection at 7:39 Monday night. 

ABA therapy is one of the most effective treatments for children with autism, but South Dakota families lost health insurance coverage for the expensive therapy earlier this year.

An Egyptian trade delegation arrived in Sioux Falls Sunday night.

Steve Zwemke

In The Moment ... November 4, 2019 Show 693 Hour 2

An Egyptian trade delegation arrived in Sioux Falls Sunday night. They'll spend part of the week touring eastern South Dakota to visit with producers, technology experts and people in agri-business.

SDPB's Steve Zwemke met with Ambassador Hamdi Saleh and State Representatives Michael Saba and Scyller Borglum to discuss the trade mission and finding ways to bring new dollars into South Dakota.

Why Is America Losing Its Ranches?

Oct 31, 2019

In The Moment ... October 31, 2019 Show 691 Hour 2

Why is America losing its ranches? That was the title of Bill Bullard's presentation to the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association at their 128th annual Convention and Trade Show at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn in Rapid City. His talk was sponsored by Ft. Pierre Livestock.


In The Moment ... October 15, 2019 Show 679 Hour 2

South Dakota Public Broadcasting and In The Moment continue our series on the future of farming. Kevin McNew, Chief Economist for the Farmers Business Network, discusses the challenges of the 2019 harvest season while providing an outlook for 2020. He also discusses the news of a possible trade deal with China.

News: Aug 24 - 30

Aug 30, 2019

Democratic State Representative Michael Saba discusses new ways to bring money into South Dakota. Rosebud and the Fort Belknap Indian Community have sued President Trump for violating treaties. South Dakota parents, educators and health officials are facing a four-year gap in data about risky youth. A Sanford Health researcher talks vaping. Hemp crop insurance is on the way despite Governor Noem’s opposition.

One state lawmaker says he’s bringing a trade delegation from Egypt to South Dakota in October.

Democratic Representative Michael Saba says the state must aggressively look for other markets.

“The state should be more involved in this,” Saba says. “As a state representative of the people, I’m taking it upon myself to represent those people in a direct sense and not wait for the state to put these trade delegations together. We haven’t had trade delegations for years, now, from South Dakota. Part of it is we’re sitting here waiting for business to come to us.”

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... August 27, 2019 Show 646 Hour 1

The Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations met last week. Democratic State Representative Michael Saba (District 9) is on the committee. He joins SDPB's Steve Zwemke to detail the meetings and talk about new ways to bring international money into South Dakota. 

In The Moment ... July 31, 2019 Show 627 Hour 1

In the second part of our conversation with Representative Dusty Johnson on In The Moment he discusses international trade and what can be done about robocalls. 


In The Moment ... July 24, 2019 Show 622 Hour 2

State finance leaders say South Dakota could face a revenue shortfall in fiscal year 2020. 

Congressman Dusty Johnson wants to see the U.S,/Mexico/Canada trade agreement come to the house floor for ratification before August.

A new poll shows Governor Kristi Noem's disapproval rating is up.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Trade talks between the U.S. and China are underway – and there’s a Friday deadline for a possible increase in tariffs on Chinese goods.
President Donald Trump has recommended a 25 percent tariff on some $200 billion worth of products.
One thing in the crosshairs? South Dakota soybeans and that has farmers worried.  

In the Moment ... May 6, 2019 Show 569 Hour 1

All signs have been pointing toward progress for trade talks with China. But this weekend, ahead of upcoming trade talks, President Donald Trump signaled on Twitter that more tariffs on Chinese goods are pending.

South Dakota State University professor Joe Santos says trade between nations has always been conentious. He joins In The Moment for Morning Macro. Read his blog at

Rep. Johnson Calls For USMCA Vote

Apr 30, 2019

US House Representative Dusty Johnson says he wants Congress to ratify the United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

President Donald Trump pulled the country out of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 2018, which had been in place for a quarter century. This trade agreement is viewed as a replacement.

Johnson quotes statistics from the International Trade Commission analysis of the agreement.

Lee Strubinger

In The Moment ... December 3, 2018 Show 471 Hour 1

South Dakota farmers have been receiving payments from the Federal Government to cover losses incurred by the current trade war with China - more than $19 million.

But, in an investigative report by South Dakota News Watch's Bart Pfankuch, one agriculture industry official says the assistance is just a "Band Aid" that won't cover financial losses resulting from the disrupted market.

Adria Botella / SDPB

In The Moment ... October 30, 2018 Show 450 Hour 2

The state of agriculture and manufacturing along with trade and tariffs seem to be in question for several people. In Sioux Falls today, panelists will discuss these topics and more.


In the Moment ... April 9, 2018 Show 311 Hour 2

David O'Sullivan is the European Union ambassador to the United States. He visits Dakota State University in Madison today to meet with faculty, staff and honor students.
The public is invited to attend a forum at 5:30 p.m. in the Tunheim Classroom Building Auditorium.

In The Moment ... August 17,2017 Show 158 Hour 1

Twenty-five years ago, agreement was reached on the North American Free Trade Agreement. It’s a trade pact that gradually eliminated most tariffs and trade barriers between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Has NAFTA been good or bad for the U.S.? Has it been good or bad for South Dakota? Today we welcome Russell Green. He’s a Will Clayton Fellow in International Economics for Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy.

U.S. Senate

United States Senator John Thune says he generally supports trade deals, but some parts of the latest international agreement raise his concern. Eleven countries and the United States have struck a deal called TPP. That stands for Trans-Pacific Partnership. It has economic and political implications.

Thune says he’s heard pieces of the deal since Monday’s agreement, and he’s concerned about some of the elements.

Beyond Yogurt: Ongoing Greek Crisis Can Impact SD Exports

Jul 20, 2015

On Monday banks in Greece reopened after the approval of a European Union backed bailout for the country’s economy.

Some economists worry the crisis in Greece has only been averted temporally–and experts who promote international trade of South Dakota goods say the ripple effects from economic instability in Europe could even impact this state.

Greece is not a huge trading partner with South Dakota businesses.  The state exports less than a half-million dollars in goods annually to Greece, and that’s mostly agricultural products.  

Thune Hopes U.S. Senate Stays Cool On COOL

Jun 24, 2015
Charles Michael Ray

Country of Origin Labeling on meat products was first part of the 2002 Farm Bill.   Since taking effect the measure has gained broad support from both consumers and independent cattle producers in places like South Dakota. 

Ukraine Still Needs SD Tractor Parts Despite Conflict

Jul 29, 2014

The ongoing civil war in Ukraine is impacting some South Dakota companies that export to the Eastern Bloc.  Each year the countries of Ukraine and Russia do about $6-million in trade with  South Dakota businesses.  Despite the challenges some companies in the state are continuing to find ways to get their goods to the region.

Rock Nelson is the director of South Dakota’s International Trade Center.  You can find more information here.  

State of South Dakota

The governor of South Dakota and other leaders are in China this week on a trade mission. They’re splitting several days between Beijing and Shanghai, but they spent one day away from the packed cities to discuss partnership possibilities.

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard visited with the governor of Inner Mongolia Sunday as part of a week-long trip in China. Inner Mongolia is a Chinese province along the northern part of the country. Daugaard says a small American state like South Dakota can benefit from a sister-state relationship with a similar region in China.

One business agreement between a South Dakota company and a Chinese industry is a done deal. Business, education, and political leaders from South Dakota are in China this week on a trade mission. Governor Dennis Daugaard says the deal has been in the works, and it happened to come together while the delegation is in Asia. The governor hasn’t disclosed additional details.

China Trade Mission

Apr 17, 2013

Marvie Tschetter, owner of Lankota, Inc. in Huron, and Rob Mudge, co-founder of RPM and Associates in Rapid City, were part of Governor Dennis Daugaard's delegation on a trade mission to China.  The trade mission was made possible through a State Trade and Export Promotion grant awarded to South Dakota by the Small Business Administration.  Representatives from 15 South Dakota companies made the trip.  Tschetter and Mudge discussed the importance of the trip and what they learned.

State of South Dakota

Tuesday South Dakota’s governor is in China. Governor Dennis Daugaard says the trip helps the state’s businesses establish relationships with Chinese companies. In a call from China, Daugaard says those organizations can foster partnerships with South Dakota industries.