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Rapid City Voters to Decide School Bond on Tuesday

Feb 21, 2020
Seth Tupper

On Tuesday, Rapid City voters will decide on a nearly $190-million bond to rebuild and renovate some of its schools.

Opponents say problems do exist, but the current proposal is too vague. Proponents say information is available—and has been for years.


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SD Department of Education

The South Dakota Board of Education Standards unanimously approves changes to the state’s high school graduation requirements after a public hearing in Pierre. The changes allow students more flexibility without changing the number of credits required for a diploma. 

The changes include three endorsements that can be added to a student’s high school transcript. Each endorsement requires particular courses to fulfill existing credit requirements, but students don’t need to choose an endorsement in order to receive a basic high school diploma.

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On June 5, Rapid City voters decide whether to build a new arena at the Rapid City Civic Center complex.
The $130 million for the new arena would come from a unique funding source, in fact, it’s the same fund created to build the civic center in 1975.
However, just like in 2015, the last time voters turned down a new arena, not everyone is convinced on the project.

City leaders must at least repurpose the Barnett Arena and make the 40-year-old building comply with current accessibility requirements.