Texting and Driving

House Committee Passes Texting And Driving Ban

18 hours ago

A house committee is advancing a bill that prohibits texting while driving.

It creates a class two misdemeanor for anyone accused of looking at their cell phone while operating a vehicle.

Republican State Representative Doug Barthel is the prime sponsor of the bill. He’s the former police chief for Sioux Falls. He says a bill like this is overdue.

Teens Learn Advanced Driving Skills at Camp

Jul 27, 2015
Erin Mairose

Teens in Sioux Falls got to practice driving under hazardous conditions this weekend. The Program 'Ford Driving Skills For Life' allowed teens to sharpen their driving skills through three obstacle courses. From slippery roads to quickly changing lanes, teens learned how to react during driving scenarios.

Sitting behind the wheel in brand new Ford Mustang, Syklar Skovlund suddenly swerved, before hitting the brakes and coming to a stop.

A new study by researchers at the University of South Dakota finds both men and women admit to texting while driving, but it’s harder to convince men that the practice is unsafe. The study “Gender differences in psychosocial predictors of texting while driving” was published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention.

A law making texting wile driving illegal in South Dakota takes effect on Tuesday. Motorists are prohibited from using a handheld device to write, send or read text messages except to contact emergency services.

Violators of the new law are subject to a $100 fine. "Texting behind the wheel is a triple whammy--it takes your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel and your mind off of driving," says AAA South Dakota spokeswoman Marilyn Buskohl.

A statewide texting and driving ban is on its way to Governor Dennis Daugaard after a conference committee and both chambers passed the measure on Thursday. Lawmakers didn’t all agree on the terms of the bill, but still felt it was important to enforce some kind of texting while driving ban.

Lawmakers in Pierre are attempting to revive a texting and driving bill. A conference committee voted to kill the bill on Tuesday night. Many in Pierre thought the issue dead this session. Now both the South Dakota House and Senate agreed to appoint new members to a second conference committee in an attempt to resurrect a statewide texting while driving ban. Republican State Senator Mike Vehle says the House wants to negotiate on this issue.

Leaders Discuss End Of Session

Mar 10, 2014

Senate Minority Leader Jason Frerichs and House Majority Leader David Lust joined Dakota Midday to discuss the final bills and issues as the South Dakota Legislature enters the last week of the 2014 session.

Battle Over Texting Bans Continues

Mar 5, 2014

Lawmakers in the State House and Senate may end up hashing out different versions of two bills that regulate texting and driving.
The State Senate checked off on SB 179, while the House approved HB 1177.  
SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray has more.

The South Dakota House of Representatives passed HB 1177 on Wednesday. This bill bans texting and driving. Select cities throughout the state already have texting bans of their own.

Communities like Sioux Falls, Brookings, Watertown and Mitchell currently have city ordinances in place, banning text messaging while driving. State lawmakers have debated this issue for a few years and sponsors believe they’ve finally come up with a good bill. Republican State Representative Brian Gosch is one of the lawmakers behind this legislation.

Adults More Likely Than Teens to Use Phones While Driving

Dec 11, 2013

New research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows adults are more likely than teens to use their cell phones while driving. The study also shows almost everyone surveyed believe others who text or email behind the wheel are a serious threat to safety.

Teen Driving Bills: Some Win, Some Lose

Feb 26, 2013
Victoria Wicks

Committee votes on four teen driving bills Tuesday illustrate the old maxim, “You win some, you lose some.” Bills to raise the minimum driving age and to curb the number of passengers with a teen driver failed to pass the House Transportation committee. But bills to ban teen texting and driving and to establish a statewide drivers’ education program made the cut.

State Senator Craig Tieszen brought all four teen driving bills to House Transportation. He says young drivers have a greater chance of crashing because of two factors: immaturity and distraction.