Term Limits


In The Moment ... January 16, 2019 Show 496 Hour 2

Dakota Political Junkies Noel Hamiel and Jon Schaff visit about news coming out of the 2019 legislative session in Pierre.

They also discuss President Trump's recent Tweet that has many upset at his reference to Wounded Knee in a barb directed at Senator Elizabeth Warren and her husband.

Resolution to Lengthen Term Limits Defeated in Senate

Mar 5, 2014

State Senators have shot down a measure that lets voters decide if legislative term limits are expanded. House Joint Resolution 1002 proposes letting state Representatives and Senators serve for 12 consecutive years, or six terms.

Some lawmakers think the state legislature needs longer term limits, and they want all of South Dakota to decide.

State Representative Charlie Hoffman says he and Senator Dan Lederman plan to hold cracker barrels and campaign for the extension. He says voters have addressed eliminating term limits before, but they haven’t weighed in on whether to extend a lawmaker’s time from eight years to twelve. Hoffman says the law now doesn’t allow enough time to acclimate in Pierre.

South Dakotans may get another chance to vote on term limits in the state legislature. A resolution in Pierre offers voters the chance to extend term limits for SD lawmakers. Right now a state representative or senator can serve four consecutive terms in their select house but this legislation increases that number to six. Governor Dennis Daugaard says he supports this resolution.