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In The Moment ... September 25, 2019 Show 666 Hour 1

Bill Vitek visits Augustana University Wednesday night and presents the free public discussion "A Farmer and a Philosopher Walk Into a Field: The Perennial Turn in Ag and Culture."

Vitek serves as scholar-in-residence at Middlebury College in Vermont and Professor Emeritus at Clarkson University in New York. Vitek has written exclusively about community, place, and sustainability.

He's joined on In The Moment by David O'Hara of Augustana University in Sioux Falls. 

News: Aug 3 - 9

Aug 9, 2019
Josh Haiar

This week we had Jon Hunter with the Madison Daily Leader and Jon Schaff, Political Science professor at NSU as our Politcal Junkies; we discussed the Pentagon launching surveillance balloons over South Dakota and the American Civil Liberties Union’s concerns over privacy, and the Jon Hunter’s report shinning a light on South Dakota’s need for more mental health professionals. We hear from folks at the new addiction treatment center, Project Recovery, and what they’re seeing regarding addiction in South Dakota.

Joshua Haiar

In The Moment ... August 7, 2019 Show 632 Hour 1

Agriculture provides a $32.5 billion economic engine for South Dakota. A July study from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture reports there are 29,968 farms and 48,913 total producers in the state.

Nick Hubbard

In The Moment ... March 27, 2019 Show 544 Hour 1

In rural Iowa, a 700-acre certified organic farm dedicated to sustainable agricultrure serves as a model for community-based food systems around the world. The operation is run by Ron Rosmann, his wife and their three sons.

Rosmann was the Morning Fill Up guest at The Garage in Rapid City Wednesday morning, a presentation of the Numad Group. Rosmann visits about extreme weather conditions and the changing realities of agriculture in America.

To hear the Morning Fill Up conversation with Ron Rosmann, click play below.

David O'Hara

Mar 12, 2019
Adria Botella

In The Moment ... March 12, 2019 Show 533 Hour 1

It's only natural to want to preserve the things we care about ... from the infinitesimal to the expansive. That's at the core of sustainability, and it impacts not only our personal lives, but our planet.

David O'Hara is director of sustainability at Augustana University. He joins us now for a look at a new program with ambitions both sweeping and delicate.

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Prate To Keynote South Dakota Hunger Summit

Nov 9, 2018
Rosebud Economic Development Corporation

In The Moment ... November 9, 2018 Show 458 Hour 1

People's right to healthy and sustainable food is the focus of the South Dakota Hunger Summit in Mitchell on Tuesday.

Michael Prate, the keynote speaker, is the food sovereignty coordinator with Rosebud Economic Development Corporation. He discusses food security and projects at Rosebud.

In The Moment ... April 18, 2017 Show 074 Hour 2

Meghann Jarchow is coordinator for the Sustainability Program at the University of South Dakota. Earth Day events across the nation bring awareness and action to today’s environmental challenges as well as highlighting solutions. Jarchow joins us to preview community Earth Day efforts in Vermillion.

Officials say tribes in the Dakota’s have the potential to expand local food growing operations.  

Nutritionists working in Indian Country say traditional values align with the goals of food sovereignty and sustainability

The 2nd annual Tribal Foods Conference is scheduled for Bismarck next week.  

The study of sustainability is much more than recycling. According to Dr. Sandra Marker, the study focuses on problem solving in a complex world.

A new online master's program at Black Hills State University is the first of its kind in the western United States. Marker, the program's coordinator, joins Midday to talk about the new degree program, growth in sustainability careers, and the wide array of interested students.

You don’t have to wait until college to learn about sustainability. An 8-year-old Sioux Falls girl is starting the green movement early by selling tomato plants in milk cartons.

Sustainable Tourism

Mar 27, 2014

Dr. Kelly Bricker, interim chair and associate professor at the University of Utah in the department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, is the keynote speaker at today's 16th Annual Black Hills Research Symposium on the Black Hills State University Campus.  Her talk is titled "Sustainable Tourism - A system for positive change?"

Sustainability And Integrative Medicine

Sep 13, 2013

Julie Urlaub is with Taiga Company and discussed how businesses need to embrace sustainability to reduce costs and increase sales. Dr. Dawn Flickema is with Avera and discussed integrative medicine. Integrative medicine complements traditional medical treatment and focuses on healing body, mind and spirit. Both guests joined Cara Hetland at the Plain Green Conference in Sioux Falls.

Mines Medal Winner

Sep 26, 2012

University Distinguished Professor Diana Wall, director of the Colorado State University School of Global Environmental Sustainability, will receive the Mines Medal of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Thursday in Rapid City.  Wall is acknowledged as a leading expert on biodiversity through her research on microbial and invertebrate diversity contributions to productive soils.  As a member of a working group of the President's Council on Advisors on Science and Technology, her studies impact national policy responding to threats to the nation's ecosystems.