State Senator Reynold Nesiba

Screenshot / Sioux Falls Downtown Rotary

Governor Kristi Noem says she anticipates considering calling a special legislative session to spend more than $900 million in coronavirus stimulus money.

During an interview with the Sioux Falls Downtown Rotary, she says that’s something she might do if the federal government does not extend a December deadline to spend the funds.

The CARES Act gives governors latitude to spend those relief dollars.

Senate Hoghouse Resolution On Gun Suicide For NRA Data

Mar 3, 2020

The South Dakota Senate is rejecting a concurrent resolution about suicide by guns, and instead approving National Rifle Association talking points.

It’s a concurrent resolution to recognize the importance of gun safety.

It states there were nearly 800 firearm suicides from 2004 to 2015 in South Dakota. In 2017, almost thirty more South Dakotans died by firearms than overdoses.

In the Moment News: June 24-30

Jun 28, 2019

South Dakota state representative Tim Reed explains the five interim task forces that will focus on mental health. South Dakota House Speaker Steve Haugaard and State Senator Reynold Nesiba discuss the implications of marijuana legalization and the opioid crisis on the Northern Plains. Linda Turner goes over this year's Special Education Report. Political Junkies Seth Tupper and Jonathan Ellis talk about "Removing the Stain" of the Wounded Knee Massacre, among other news. SDPB’s Victoria Wicks reports on the hearing of death row inmate Charles Rhines.

SD Lawmakers Kill Bill To Reduce Sales Tax On Food

Feb 12, 2018
Lee Strubinger / SDPB


State lawmakers are rejecting a proposal to reduce sales tax collections on food.

The proposed reduction in food tax would be tied to online sales tax collections.

Removing or reducing the sales tax on food is a bill that’s been brought for the last several years, but gone no where.

Lee Strubinger / SDPB

The South Dakota Senate is passing a bill that adds an additional disclosure requirement for ballot question committees.

Senate Bill 77 requires those committee to disclose funding sources during the year when groups are circulating petitions and gathering signatures.
Democratic State Senator Reynold Nesiba sponsors the bill. He says there’s currently a loop hole in the reporting system.

Thune Optimistic Tax Reform Will Spur Economy Forward

Nov 14, 2017

South Dakota US Senator John Thune hopes the Senate Republican tax reform proposal will make it out of the finance committee by the end of this week.

Republicans in both the US House and Senate are leading the charge in overhauling the country’s tax code. They say it’s the largest overhaul in 30 years.

Others aren’t convinced it will help the economy.

Congressional Republicans maintain that growth in the economy brought about as a result of these tax cuts will make up for any lost revenue.