State Senator Neal Tapio

A Senate committee is voting down a proposal that ends the refugee resettlement program in South Dakota from countries that appear on the federal travel ban list.
However, if passed, officials with the governor’s office say Senate Bill 200 would get overridden by federal law.
Currently, Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota assists with refugee resettlement in the state. According to its website, in 2017, LSS helped 316 refugees settled into South Dakota.

SD Legislature

South Dakota lawmakers are weighing the issue of a mother's privacy over her infant's health. The debate begins in the Senate Health and Human Services committee.

Senate Bill 105 authorizes healthcare practitioners to test infants up to 28 days old for controlled substances if they exhibit relevant symptoms. The bill allows the test with or without parental consent. If results are positive, the practitioner must report them to the Department of Social Services. 

Interfaith Day At State Capitol Causes Stir In Rotunda

Jan 10, 2018
Lee Strubinger / SDPB

Religious leaders across the state are showcasing various faiths that exist in South Dakota.

The first ever Interfaith Day was held in the capitol rotunda on the second legislative day in 2018.

One lawmaker calls it a political move.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting's Lee Strubinger reports.