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Impact Of The Dicamba Ruling In South Dakota

20 hours ago

In The Moment … June 25, 2020 Show 846 Hour 2

Mike Jaspers is a fifth-generation South Dakota farmer. He served on the state legislature and as South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture (2016-2-18). He joins us today for more on the impact of the Dicamba ruling in South Dakota. 

Legislative Roundtable

Mar 9, 2020

In The Moment ... March 9, 2020 Show 769 Hour 2

We welcome our South Dakota Public Broadcasting journalists to the program as we look at news from the South Dakota state legislative session.  

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The senate education committee effectively tables a bill prohibiting students who are in the country illegally from attending public universities. Senate Bill 103 is sent to the 41st day after more than an hour and a half of testimonies and discussion. 

Opponents of the bill argue the Board of Regents lacks power and resources to uphold federal immigration law. Legal counsel for the Board of Regents also states the system is not considered complicit in harboring criminals under federal statute.

SD Legislature

South Dakota lawmakers are weighing the issue of a mother's privacy over her infant's health. The debate begins in the Senate Health and Human Services committee.

Senate Bill 105 authorizes healthcare practitioners to test infants up to 28 days old for controlled substances if they exhibit relevant symptoms. The bill allows the test with or without parental consent. If results are positive, the practitioner must report them to the Department of Social Services.

In The Moment ... August 28, 2017 Show 165 Hour 1

Students at Harrisburg High School are soon going to be able to participate in an early college program which would allow them to earn college credit at no cost to them while still in high school. Joining us today to expand on this program is Superintendent of the Harrisburg school District Jim Holbeck. Welcome to In The Moment.

State Lawmaker Resigns District 8 House Seat

Jan 23, 2017
Legislative Research Council

Eighth-District State Representative Matthew Wollman has resigned his seat, days after admitting to having sexual contact with two Legislative interns.  House Speaker Mark Mickelson said last week a bi-partisan committee would look into Wollman’s actions.  Wollman admitted to sexual contact with the interns in both the 20-15 and 20-16 sessions.  He gave his resignation Monday, January 23.  Governor Dennis Daugaard released a statement Monday morning, which says the Representative did the right thing by leaving the House.  Daugaard says he plans to name a replacement quickly.  Wollman’s dis

Susan Wismer is the Democratic nominee for the state House of Representatives from District 1.

Meet the Candidates is a series of interviews conducted by SDPB. We are asking each legislative candidate the same three questions: What would you like other South Dakotans to know about your districts and constituency? Discuss major issue or topic you want the Legislature to address? What legislation or solutions will you bring forward to deal with it?

State Launches New Debt Collection System

Jul 12, 2016
Kealey Bultena

The state of South Dakota is hiring a private company to collect its debts. The company CGI Technologies opens what’s being called the Obligation Recovery Center on July 15. 

The new state debt collect system under the Obligation Recovery Center seeks out money owed to state agencies. The establishment of the ORC was approved through the passage of House Bill 1228 during the 2015 Legislative Session. The ORC, run by CGI Technologies, collects debts such as unpaid taxes, university tuition or fees, and court costs.

Kevin Killer and Shawn Bordeaux discuss the intersection of state politics and tribal politics. From education to Medicaid expansion to the arts, the two state representatives highlight issues important to South Dakotans and call for partnerships between Native and non-Natives throughout the state. 

Kevin Woster (KELO-TV Rapid City bureau) and Dana Ferguson (Sioux Falls Argus Leader) joined Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh to hash over the week's South Dakota political headlines. From the ongoing debate about Medicaid expansion, to the gender imbalance in the South Dakota state legislature, the Political Junkies clarify and illuminate the issues of the day.

South Dakota Legislative Research Council

Since first being elected in 2010, Republican State Representative Steve Hickey has been an outspoken champion of social conservative causes. He's opposed abortion and same-sex marriage. But he’s also worked with Democrats on abolishing the death penalty and establishing a truth and reconciliation commission to address problems between Native Americans and whites. He’s also been working with openly gay Democratic strategist and Sioux Falls businessman Steve Hildebrand to collect signatures for a 2016 ballot measure capping payday lending  interest rates at 36 percent.

Dakota Political Junkies

Jan 29, 2014

Joining the program are Denise Ross, web editor for the Mitchell Daily Republic, and David Montgomery, political reporter for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader and author of the Political Smokeout blog. Topics discussed included the latest news from the state legislature, Democratic State Representative Susan Wismer's announcement that she's running for governor and a House and Senate conference committee's agreement on a new, five year U.S. farm bill.

Dakota Political Junkies

Jan 22, 2014

KELO-TV Rapid City reporter Kevin Woster and Seth Tupper, editor of the Mitchell Daily Republic, discuss the latest in politics. Topics included the legislative debate over Common Core education standards, insurance reform, animal cruelty legislation, the U.S. Senate race and the farm bill.