Spoken Word

Peter Mulvey

Feb 9, 2018

Milwaukee-based singer/songwriter Peter Mulvey got his career rolling as a busker on the streets of Dublin, Ireland.  Upon returning to the States, Mulvey performed in the subways and streets of Boston.  That's when Mulvey signed his first record deal with Eastern Front Records.


Sarah Kay is best known for her spoken word poetry. In 2011, she recited her breakout poem "B" as a TED Talk and later released it as her debut book, which is now a best-seller. She since has released an intimate collection of poetry title No Matter the Wreckage. Kay, the founder and director of Project Voice, is coming to Sioux Falls this weekend as part of the OTA finale.

The Capitalism Tour

Sep 25, 2012

Henry Rollins is on a two-month tour hitting all 50 state capitals - wrapping up on the eve of the Presidentail election in the nation's capital.  Rollins' "Capitalism Tour" offers not so much a voting guide as an outside viewpoint - and an unflinching quest for truth that Rollins says is sadly lacking in the American mass media.  Rollins, also known for his days with Black Flag and the Rollins Band, brings his "Capitalism" tour to Pierre Wednesday as he'll speak at T.F. Riggs High School at 8 p.m.