SDPB News: Sep 2

Sep 2, 2020

How do state lawmakers plan to spend coronavirus relief money sent by the federal government since late March? Plus, how are South Dakota health officials talking about recent coronavirus-related deaths despite seeing large amounts of new cases appearing in the state? All this and more in today’s SDPB News Podcast. Find it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify today.

Suffrage In South Dakota Highlights

Aug 26, 2020

In The Moment … August 26, 2020 Show 889 Hour 2

During this centennial year of ratification of the 19th Amendment, SDPB has been telling the history of suffrage in South Dakota. The right for women's voices to be heard in the public square and at the ballot box changed nearly every aspect of American life and American history forever. Throughout the year, we've welcomed historians and vanguards to talk about the journey to suffrage and its impact right here at home.


News Special: Candidates

Jul 17, 2020

In this "Meet the Candidates Special", we hear from Wayne Steinhauer of District 9, Valerie Parsley of District 8, Rocky Blare of District 21, Mike Weisgram of District 24, Doug Barthel of District 10, and Jessica Meyers of District 12.


Arts & Lifestyle: Jun 13 - 19

Jun 19, 2020

In this week's arts podcast, SDPB's Steve Zwemke sits with Immigrant Union's Brent DeBoer - Enjoy.

News Special: Veto Day & Pandemic Impacts

Mar 31, 2020

In this In the Moment news special, we hear a recap of South Dakota's first digital Veto Day and the actions brought up to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, the impacts of the pandemic on the legal world, the South Dakota economy, med students, and more. 

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Examining The GED

Sep 12, 2013

Emily Hanford, co-host of "Second Chance Diploma: Examining the GED," discussed the American Radioworks program that's airing on SDPB Radio on Monday, September 16th at noon Central.