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Last week, Lake Preston farmer Paul Casper was recognized as the 2019 Governor's Ag Ambassador. Governor Kristi Noem announced Casper as the Ag Ambassador Award winner in June.

Casper grew up on his family's farm in Lake Preston where he farms today with his son. A key player in South Dakota's soybean industry, Casper has served as president of the South Dakota Soybean Association. His dedication to agriculture has also gone hand-in-hand with protecting our natural resources.

More SD Producer Frustration As Tariffs Escalate

May 13, 2019
Kealey Bultena / SDPB

As trade talks stall, China is imposing retaliatory tariffs on $60 billion worth of US goods. These new tariffs come days after the US increased tariffs on over $200 billion on Chinese goods.

The tariff exchange is testing the patience of South Dakota producers.

Scott VanderWal is the president of the South Dakota Farm Bureau. He says South Dakota producers have been dealing with lack of a marketplace for over a year now. Especially for soybeans.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Trade talks between the U.S. and China are underway – and there’s a Friday deadline for a possible increase in tariffs on Chinese goods.
President Donald Trump has recommended a 25 percent tariff on some $200 billion worth of products.
One thing in the crosshairs? South Dakota soybeans and that has farmers worried.  

Lee Strubinger

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South Dakota farmers have been receiving payments from the Federal Government to cover losses incurred by the current trade war with China - more than $19 million.

But, in an investigative report by South Dakota News Watch's Bart Pfankuch, one agriculture industry official says the assistance is just a "Band Aid" that won't cover financial losses resulting from the disrupted market.

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Evert Van der Sluis is an Economics Professor at South Dakota State University. He joins In The Moment to continue the conversation on soybean tariffs.

In The Moment ... April 18, 2018 Show 318 Hour 1

It's been more than a month since President Donald Trump threatened to put tariffs on more than one-thousand imported Chinese goods.

China shot back with proposals for tariffs of its own, including on US soybeans.

It's currently unclear if either country will follow through with their threats. One thing is certain - the international discussion impacts farmers in South Dakota.

SDPB's Jackelyn Severin asks South Dakota farmers how they are dealing with the uncertainty.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

The president of the South Dakota Farm Bureau says they’re not overreacting to proposed Chinese tariffs on soybeans just yet.
Scott VanderWal says President Donald Trump has a unique method of negotiating, which he says could be about larger world issues.
He says the administration might use tariff’s to get countries to the negotiating table.
However, VanderWal says they’re working to make the administration understands the severe consequences if negotiations go wrong.

South Dakota US Senator John Thune says he’s concerned by a Chinese announcement of placing a steep tariff on $50 billion dollars of U.S. imports.

That includes a tariff on soybeans. The South Dakota Soybean Association says China purchases 61 percent of total U.S. soybean exports, roughly 30 percent of overall production.

The announcement comes after President Donald Trump’s call on Tuesday for tariff’s on Chinese goods.

Thune says he understands the president’s desire for more reciprocal treatment.

South Dakota Corn Sets Two New Records

Jan 17, 2017
South Dakota Corn Growers Association

South Dakota corn producers saw another record-breaking year in 2016. Officials say a combination of timely weather and planning led to the success.

South Dakota produced over 825 million bushels of corn in 2016 according to a US Department of Agriculture report. This is up 3% from last year’s production. It’s the second year in a row South Dakota has broken production and yield-per-acre records for multiple crops.

South Dakota soybeans reached over 255 million bushels for the year. This is a 9% increase from 2015 paired with a record 49 bushel per acre.

Farming Conditions For South Dakotans

Jun 11, 2013

According to Laura Edwards, SDSU Extension Climate Field Specialist, "The state's soil moisture profile has benefited from the recent rains over the last two weeks, even though there have been some heavy events that generate a lot of runoff. The outlook shows potential for warmer conditions to return on the two-week timeframe as high pressure builds over the Plains, but we are wondering an active pattern on the north side of the state.

"Soybean Sudden Death" Disease

May 30, 2013

Farmers with flooded fields have another disease to worry about. SDSU Extension says a dozen fields in the state showed traces of "Soybean Sudden Death" disease. South Dakota State University Extension Plant Pathologist Connie Strunk tells SDPB's Gary Ellenbolt that the southeast is primed for a large outbreak of the disorder.