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New South Dakota COVID & Politics Survey

21 hours ago

In The Moment … October 21, 2020 Show 925 Hour 1

Brookings Inclusive Collaborative

Sep 9, 2020
Brookings Inclusive Collaborative

In The Moment … September 9, 2020 Show 898 Hour 2

Workplace cultural diversity and inclusion are the focus of the Brookings Inclusive Collaborative. This series of focus groups include business leaders, culturally diverse employees, and faith-based community leaders. Behind this project are Becky Kuehl, associate professor in the School of Communication and Journalism at South Dakota State University, and Molly Enz, professor of French and coordinator of the Global Studies program at SDSU.

The state Department of Health reports 71 COVID-19 cases are currently tied to college campuses. The state’s public universities are not expected to report individual campus numbers to the public.

With colleges around the country already closing after outbreaks, local university leaders say it’s up to students how long their campus stays open.

University of South Dakota President Sheila Gestring says there’s no clear number of COVID-19 cases that would close campus again.

SDSU Cancels 2020 Hobo Day Parade

Aug 19, 2020

South Dakota State University is canceling one of its oldest homecoming traditions. The university will not hold the annual Hobo Day parade this fall, citing logistical concerns due to COVID-19.

A statement on the university’s website says campus officials and the 2020 Hobo Day Committee met over the summer to explore options for the homecoming festivities. The statement says the parade would create significant health and safety concerns in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

PoliSci Profs: How Has Our Health Become Political?

Jul 16, 2020

In The Moment … July 16, 2020 Show 860 Hour 1

In 2020, everything is political. The Police, education, healthcare, arguably even religion, and now... the health of the general public. How did we get here? Plus, with an election around the corner, what's being done with our data? Lisa Hager, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University, and David Wiltse, Ph.D., he's an associate professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University.​


Srinivas Janaswamy / SDSU

Jul 10, 2020

In The Moment … July 10, 2020 Show 856 Hour 2

PoliSci Profs: Policing & Protests

Jun 11, 2020

In The Moment … June 11, 2020 Show 836 Hour 1

Joining us are Lisa Hager, assistant professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University, and David Wiltse, an associate professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University.​​

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The new South Dakota State FFA Officer team was announced Thursday May 14 before a virtual audience. Continuing a nearly century-old tradition in the midst of a pandemic means these soon-to-be high school graduates will need to do things a bit different.

Religion & Spirituality During Pandemics

Apr 30, 2020

In The Moment ... April 30, 2020 Show 807 Hour 1

For many of us, living during a pandemic has become an act of courage and an exercise in reevaluation. We are rethinking how we eat, how we love, and what we believe is essential.   George Tsakiridis holds a Ph.D. in Religion and Science. He is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Religion at South Dakota State University, as well as an actor/filmmaker.

Saikat Basu, Ph.D. / Researcher from SDSU / Masks

Apr 24, 2020

In The Moment ... April 24, 2020 Show 803 Hour 2

South Dakota State University assistant mechanical engineering professor Saikat Basuhas a vision of a mask with a reusable respirator that captures and kills the novel coronavirus. He is a member of a team of mulit-institutional researchers that will design and develop this respirator. Saikut Basu joins us with more on this vision. 

PoliSci Profs: COVID & Your Rights

Apr 9, 2020

In The Moment ... April 9, 2020 Show 792 Hour 1

Since the first coronavirus cases were documented on U.S. soil, Americans have been looking to China, the Republic of Korea, and Italy for insight into what was ahead and how to manage it. South Dakotans have their eyes on New York City, Louisiana, and California as well as places like Sioux Falls and Beadle County. All of these places have different restrictions in efforts to contain the contagion.

COVID-19 & The Democratic Primaries

Mar 19, 2020

In The Moment ... March 19, 2020 Show 777 Hour 1

South Dakota Public Broadcasting brings you the latest on the coronavirus pandemic and how it is impacting South Dakota public health, supply chains, and economy. We're also talking about the politics of the pandemic.

How is COVID-19 affecting the democratic primaries?

Lisa Hager is an assistant professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University, and David Wiltse, he's an associate professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University.​​

The Typewriter Project

Feb 19, 2020
Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... February 19, 2020 Show 756  Hour 2

For over a century, typewriters were mass-produced in both the U.S. and abroad. Due to the digital age, typewriter manufacturing is pretty much defunct. Working typewriters can still be found on various platforms and some demand high prices.

Joining us today is Michael Keller. He is a professor of English and coordinator of composition at South Dakota State University. He is a part of the Brooking's Public Library's Typewriter Project which launches Tuesday, February 25th.

Future Of Faith: George Tsakiridis

Jan 30, 2020
George Tsakiridis

In The Moment ... January 30, 2020 Show 744 Hour 2 We live in an age where science has answered so many big questions that many struggle to reconcile faith and science. Our next guest says, "When we study science, it is not an absolute truth - just within the parameters of that experiment. When people make science the absolute ideal for all truth, they miss out on the broader idea of what it means to have something be true. Faith is rooted in the internal core of who we are as human beings.

SDSU: Serving Native Students

Jan 15, 2020

In The Moment ... January 15, 2020 Show 734 Hour 1

President Trump recently signed the 2020 Ag Appropriations Bill, which includes a new provision for Native American students in higher education. The New Beginning for Tribal Students provision offers matching federal funds to land grant universities that dedicate resources to Native students. 

Morning Macro With Joe Santos

Jan 13, 2020

In The Moment ... January 13, 2020 Show 732 Hour 1 What are macroeconomists thinking and dreaming of these days? Earlier this month the American Economic Association held its annual meeting and three-day conference in San Diego California and our own Joe Santos was there. He's a professor in the Department of Economics at South Dakota State University and each week he brings us the Morning Macro, both here on In the Moment and online at    


In The Moment ... January 9, 2020 Show 730 Hour 1

What is the status of impeachment? Why are we seeing this delay in the articles being sent to the senate? How is congress reacting to the situation in Iran?  Lisa Hager is an assistant professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University, and David Wiltse, associate professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University join us.  

Politics and public policy reporting is supported by The Center for Western Studies at Augustana University

Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board, Jackie Hendry, SDSU

Palliative care can relieve symptoms of serious illnesses like cancer. But despite high cancer rates on reservations, this specialized care is difficult to access.

A research partnership among South Dakota State University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Avera Health and others is working to develop palliative care options on three of South Dakota’s reservations. The research includes work with community members to ensure culturally-appropriate care.

Joy Harjo, the 23rd Poet Laureate of the United States, is coming to Brookings on December 4th for a Book Discussion and Poetry Reading at the Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center on the campus of South Dakota State University.


In The Moment ... November 14, 2019 Show 700 Hour 1

Yesterday marked the first day of public hearings for the impeachment inquiry regarding President Donald Trump. South Dakota Public Broadcasting is airing the public hearings live on SDPB Radio and SDPB TV.  

NPR has brought you coverage and analysis, but today we'd like to offer a South Dakota perspective. Lisa Hager is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University, and David Wiltse, he's an Associate Professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University.


In The Moment ... November 4, 2019 Show 693 Hour 1

Gregg Stern details his work with Crisis Rescue International at an upcoming presentation at South Dakota State University. Stern was a South Dakota farm kid and SDSU graduate who discovered an unexpected call to mission. Stern joins In The Moment to preview his talk and visit about rescuing children from trafficking.


In The Moment ... October 24, 2019 Show 686 Hour 1

The Pulitzer Center at South Dakota State University welcomes investigative reporter Phillip Martin as the fall guest speaker Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. for a public lecture in the Pheasant and Crest Room of the Student Union. Martin's talk is about "Caste Discrimination in America," a multi-platform investigation funded by the Pulitzer Center.


In The Moment ... October 22, 2019 Show 684 Hour 1

Robert Jason Grant, Ed.D., has written several books and facilitates training around the world on how to use play therapy with autism and other developmental disorders. He speaks Thursday at South Dakota State University in Brookings.

Grant is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, and Advanced Certified Autism Specialist.


In The Moment ... October 15, 2019 Show 679 Hour 2

Precision agriculture is a new farming management concept with a general goal of optimizing yields while best preserving one's land and resources. In The Moment has assembled a panel of researchers from the South Dakota State University School of Agriculture to further explain the agricultural process.

David Clay, Ph.D., has been instrumental in developing the Precision Ag Program at SDSU and precision ag at the professional level.


In The Moment ... October 10, 2019 Show 677 Hour 1

There's been a lot of talk lately regarding impeachment. But what exactly would have to happen for a president to be impeached?

David Wiltse, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Lisa Hager, Assistant Professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University, discuss the topic as they join from the Jeanine Basinger Studio on the SDSU campus.

Why Geography Matters

Oct 1, 2019

In The Moment ... September 30, 2019 Show 669 Hour 2

Alexander Murphy specializes in political, cultural, and environmental geography. Murphy is a Professor of Geography at the University of Oregon. His latest book is called Coping With a Fast-Changing World: Why Geography Matters. Murphy speaks Monday night at 6:00 in the Bailey Rotunda (Room D) at South Dakota State University in Brookings.

Tim Schorn On Iran

Sep 17, 2019
Chris Laughery

In The Moment .. September 17, 2019 Show 660 Hour 1

Tehran says no direct negotiations with the U.S. are on the table. President Trump stops short of directly blaming Iran for a major attack on Saudi Arabian oil installations. 

South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum, Brookings

In The Moment ... September 16, 2019 Show 659 Hour 2

Halvor Solberg developed the curriculum for the mechanical engineering department at South Dakota State University in Brookings. During his 4 decade tenure at SDSU he not only taught classes, he also designed the building that now bears his name on campus. 

Gwen McCausland is the director of the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum in Brookings and joins us today for Images of the Past with more on Halvor Solberg.

Defense Against The Emerald Ash Borer

May 29, 2019

In The Moment ... May 29, 2019 Show 584 Hour 1

The Emerald Ash Borer is an exotic beetle that has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees in North America. The larvae feed on the inner bark, disrupting the tree's ability to transport water and nutrients.

John Ball is a forest health specialist and a professor at South Dakota State University. Kelby Mieras is Park Operations Manager with the Sioux Falls Parks and Rec Department. They join SDPB's Jackie Hendry.

The Argus Leader

Multiple players with South Dakota ties heard their names called this weekend during the 2019 National Football League draft. Trey Pipkins of the University of Sioux Falls was selected at No. 91 overall to the Los Angeles Chargers on Friday night.

Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco said Pipkins is a gifted athlete, and that selecting him in the third round was an easy decision.