South Dakota Retailers Association

News: Aug 3 - 9

Aug 9, 2019
Josh Haiar

This week we had Jon Hunter with the Madison Daily Leader and Jon Schaff, Political Science professor at NSU as our Politcal Junkies; we discussed the Pentagon launching surveillance balloons over South Dakota and the American Civil Liberties Union’s concerns over privacy, and the Jon Hunter’s report shinning a light on South Dakota’s need for more mental health professionals. We hear from folks at the new addiction treatment center, Project Recovery, and what they’re seeing regarding addiction in South Dakota.

In The Moment ... August 8, 2019 Show 633 Hour 1

"The report of my death was an exaggeration," writes Nathan Sanderson in his Tuesday op-ed piece.

Sanderson, executive director of the South Dakota Retailers Association, wasn't referring to himself in quoting Mark Twain. He was stressing the resurgence of Main Street South Dakota - and he says the future of retail is bright.

South Dakota Retailers Association

In The Moment ... November 20, 2018 Show 464 Hour 2

South Dakotans are making their lists. What's ahead for state businesses this holiday shopping season?

Nathan Sanderson serves as executive director of the South Dakota Retailers Association which represents nearly 4000 members in more than 160 business categories. Sanderson discusses the organization's legislative efforts and previews the upcoming retail season.