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Now that hearing aids are offered over the counter, should South Dakotans should bypass an audiologist to get hearing assistance? We talk with Jennifer Phelan, a Vermillion area audiologist.

Megan Feighery reports on restaurant entrepreneurship during the pandemic.

When Governor Kristi Noem spoke at last weekend's Family Council Summit she took aim at some fellow GOP members while criticizing President Biden's handling of the country. SDSU Political Science Professors David Wiltse and Lisa Hager discuss during the Dakota Political Junkies segment.

South Dakota Department of Corrections

Portions of South Dakota have entered stage 1 fire restrictions beginning today. Ryan Cumbow is Acting Zone Fire Management Officer for the Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands; he discusses what this means.

SDPB's Arielle Zionts talks with state penitentiary employees about the recent upheaval and firings at the facility.

In the Moment, June 1, 2021 Show 1060.

South Dakota State University's Professor Charles Fenster is an evolutionary biologist and director of the Oak Lake Field Station. He joins us to talk about his upcoming Fulbright scholar research in Norway.

South Dakotans report inconsistent access to quality early childhood learning resources across the state. SDPB's Jackelyn Severin reports on SDPB's Coming Home Survey.

In the Moment, May 28, 2021 Show 1059.

Brenda Wade Schmidt reports on the opening of the South Dakota Veterans Cemetery in northeastern Sioux Falls. It's the first federally funded, state-owned and operated veterans cemetery in South Dakota.   

For SDPB's May Spotlight on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Richard Two Bulls reports on Juanita Adams. Adams disappeared in 1978. Her body was discovered in 1980 and not identified until 2011. 


In the Moment, April 28, 2021 Show 1037.


In the Moment, April 27, 2021 Show 1036.


In the Moment, April 24, 2021 Show 1035.

Guns In South Dakota: Firearms Safety And Training

Apr 23, 2021

  • In the Moment, April 22, 2021 Show 1033.





Secretary Malsom-Rysdon Talks Variants & Vaccines

Apr 19, 2021

In the Moment, April 19, 2021 Show 1030.

In the Moment, April 13, 2021 Show 1026.


In the Moment, April 9, 2021 Show 1024.

  • Vincent Morales is co-founder of the Veterans Community Project. He joins us to talk about a proposed tiny house community for veterans in Sioux Falls, with the goal of ending veteran homelessness.


In the Moment, April 7, 2021 Show 1022.

  • Dr. Jill Kruse previews Thursday's On Call with the Prairie Doc®. We talk about what the health of your eyes can tell you about your overall health. 



In the Moment, April 6, 2021 Show 1021.

SDPB / Joshua Haiar

In the Moment: March 31, 2021 Show 1019.

South Dakota Dept of Tribal Relations

In the Moment with Lori Walsh: March 30, 2021 Show 1018.

SDPB / Joshua Haiar

In the Moment: March 29, 2021,Show 1017. 

  • Senator John Thune talks immigration and a Spring surge of asylum seekers at the U.S. border with Mexico.


  • Lee Strubinger previews Veto Day and the possible outcomes for HB1217 and medical marijuana.



In the Moment: March 26, 2021 Show 1016.

In the Moment: March 22, 2021 Show 1013.

SDPB's Joshua Haiar

March 16, 2021 Show 1009.

  • Sex and gender may seem to be simple; we are told there are men and there are women. However, according to scientists, medical and mental health professionals, and others who specialize in human development, the reality is much more complicated. Anne Dilenschneider, PhD, LPC-MH, WPATH Certified Gender Specialist, joins us to explain.

  • In Their Own Words then brings us a bill (HB 1217) promoting fairness in women's sports. Critics say the bill targets transgender South Dakotans.


March 15, 2021 Show 1008

Schoolhouse Rock / SDPB's Joshua Haiar

March 11, 2021 Show 1006


  • David Wiltse, associate professor of political science at SDSU, joins us to discuss some of the bills making their way to Governor Noem.


SDPB's Joshua Haiar

March 10, 2021 Show 1005.

March 9, 2021 Show 1004.

March 8, 2021 Show 1003.

  • Sanford Health brings us a COVID-19 Update.


  • We listen back to a conversation with José-Marie Griffiths, she's the president of Dakota State University in Madison.


  • Images of the Past tells us why you no longer see bears in the Black Hills.

March 8, 2021 Show 1003.

  • SDPB's reporters join us for a "Legislative Roundtable" where they discuss what they'll be keeping an eye on this week in Pierre.


  • In Their Own Words brings us a bill  that makes a change in the options the Secretary of State has available to send voters an application for an absentee ballot.


March 5th | Tech Radio Hour

Mar 5, 2021

March 5, 2021

  • Tech Radio Hour is a roundtable discussion between some South Dakota tech junkies. Everything from digital privacy and censorship, to gaming computers and ergonomic “smart-chairs,” you’ll hear it all here on SDPB’s Tech Radio Hour.

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Kid Dakota| In The Moment, Ep. 1002

Mar 5, 2021

March 5, 2021 Show 1002

March 4, 2021 Show 1001

  • Today we head to Rapid City and talk with Mayor Steve Allender about what the past year has looked like for his city and how it looks now.


  • The pandemic has impacted everyone in different ways. If you've become less engaged, more tense, or depressed, have you sought help from an Employee Assistance Program?


SDPB / Joshua Haiar

March 4, 2021 Show 1001.

  • The Federal Reserve estimates that in quarter three of 2020, Americans owed more than $1.7 trillion in student loans. Bruce Johnson, instructor of personal finance and personal selling at SDSU, says the cost of tuition is driving more and more students into his classes.